Enter The Knottiverse

Embrace the dark, filthy side of omegaverse.

Brought to you by V.T. Bonds, The Knottiverse is a universe full of nesting, knots, morally grey alphas, and omegas who become the center of their mate’s world.

Shifting not included.

Guaranteed to leave you slick, each story contains an HEA and at least one larger-than-life alpha.

Alphas of the Waterworld

The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld

MF dystopian Omegaverse
10k words
  • Taken by the Tanker – published in Ruled by the Alpha (A Dystopian Omegaverse Anthology)
  • Crushed by the Cruiser – TBD
  • Laid by the Liner – TBD
  • Captured by the Captain – TBD
  • Defiled by the Destroyer – TBD

Jurassic Mates

The Knottiverse: Jurassic Mates

MF Sci-Fi Dinosaur Omegaverse
5-10k words
  • Tamed by the Triceratops – Available on all retailers!
  • Rutted by the Raptor – published in Monsters Before Men (A Beastly Paranormal Anthology)
  • Savaged by the Spinosaurus – TBD
  • Topped by the Tyrannosaurus – TBD
  • Bitten by the Brachiosaurus – TBD

Alien Alphas

The Knottiverse: Alien Alphas

MF Sci-Fi Omegaverse
5-10k words
  • Abducted – TBD
  • Stolen – TBD
  • Taken – TBD
  • Captured – TBD
  • Probed – TBD

Holiday Alphas

The Knottiverse: Holiday Alphas

MFM Holiday Themed Omegaverse
20-30k words

The Knottiverse: Dragon Doms of DOOM

MF Dragon Omegaverse
10-15k words

Halloween Monsters

The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters

MFM Halloween Themed Omegaverse
20-30k words
  • Shadows and Shafts – Available on all retailers!
  • Ghouls and Girth – TBD
  • Zombies and Zippers – TBD
  • Necromancers and Knots – TBD
  • Scarecrows and Slick – TBD

Monster Mates

The Knottiverse: Monster Mates

MFM Monster Omegaverse
5k words
  • Of Tentacles and Fin – Coming Soon

Musical Mates

The Knottiverse: Musical Mates

MFMM Omegaverse based off musicals/songs 50k+ words
  • Alphas of the Opera – Coming Soon (Feb 2024)
  • Little Orphan Omega – TBD
  • The Sound Of Heat – TBD

Fairytale Alphas

The Knottiverse: Fairytale Alphas

MFM Fairytale Omegaverse
  • Title Coming Soon

Academy of Alphas

The Knottiverse: Academy of Alphas

MFMM Bully Omegaverse
50k words
  • Title Coming Soon