Tamed By The Triceratops

(The Knottiverse: Jurassic Mates, Book 1)


Tamed By The Triceratops

♥New Release♥

Chase. Capture. Claim.

The running theme (pun intended) of The Knottiverse: Jurassic Mates.

This dark, action-packed, quick read Omegaverse romance includes: a nonshifter Triceratops alpha, a feisty female omega, nesting, knotting, and tail spikes.

Knotty reading!


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I’m taking his daughter as payment, but he’s the one I plan to kill.

I knew monsters were real, but the ones I’d seen didn’t have horns and claws.
When my father trades me to have his competition slain, I can’t say it surprises me, but the creature I’ve been given to is a monster in the literal sense.
I never would have thought fur and fangs were my thing, but when the monster promises to fill me with his seed, I find myself craving just that.
He killed to have me, so who am I to deny him a baby?

A thrilling enemies to lovers romance…

After crash landing on a primitive prison planet, Bella West has one chance for survival until rescue arrives: trade her body for protection. But will she survive the beast who claims her?

“You use me for protection. I use you for pleasure. Simple as that.”

Dr. Annabella West has zero chance of returning home unless she gives a terrifying prisoner called Convict whatever he desires. She never suspects yielding to his demands might be exactly what she needs.

But as dangers mount and their ‘simple’ deal unravels will he prove to be her surprise savior or her ultimate downfall?

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Her body is a temple.
He’s going to defile it.

Queen Jenevieve’s kingdom is under siege, and there seems to be no chance of escape. Until she discovers a dark secret from the past:

A demon imprisoned by her father.

Cabael is a horned beast from the infernal realm, a place where pleasure and pain walk hand in hand. Even in chains, his muscled body exudes an aura of dominance that threatens to bring Jenevieve to her knees.

He agrees to help the queen, but as she quickly discovers, a demon’s aid comes at a price. And as she enters into an increasingly dangerous exchange of carnal favors, one fact becomes abundantly clear:

Cabael will not rest until she is carrying his unholy spawn in her womb.

This story contains dark themes and intense scenes. No cheating, HEA guaranteed.

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