Zombies and Zippers (The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters #2)

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The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters Book 2


Innocent little idiot.

She thought camping with her besties on Halloween would be fun. She thought her biggest concerns would be bears and bugs. She thought tying her food in the trees and sleeping in a tent would protect her.
But there are monsters lurking in these woods… and we’re hungry.
My brother and I want more than a taste. We want to savor her screams. Consume her slick. Gobble her fear and pleasure.
All it takes is the pull of a zipper to expose our next meal. We can’t wait to feast…

Except the first lick changes everything. Why does she taste so delicious?


This addition to The Knottiverse is dark, filthy, and knotty. If you like men who know how to put their tongue to good use, dirty talking, morally grey heroes, intense stop, I can’t take anymore but they don’t stop situations or I hate you, leave me alone but they smirk and pull her closer, then this is the story for you. If not… go somewhere else. I’ve got hot, feral monsters to wrangle.


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5 reviews for Zombies and Zippers (The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters #2)

  1. DMCechak

    Zombies and Zippers – Painful Pleasure

    ‘Sorrow overtakes me and a sob wrenches from my chest. They changed me. Ruined me. Tore me apart on a molecular level. Traumatized my mind. Defiled my soul. I’ll never be the same.’

    Intensely Terrifying! You are a young woman camping with your friends- a girls weekend- when a truck pulls up with a bunch of guys, one you hate, who were invited by your friends. You think your weekend is ruined. You have NO IDEA what RUINED is…but you will.

    VT Bonds ruins Caroline, well, the two alpha zombies she has imagined do. This author creates a crack in between worlds where we become voyeurs to the pain and suffering of this young woman as she becomes the omega mate to a couple of creatures who will destroy her physically, mentally, and emotionally, all to keep her for themselves.

    VT Bonds write a SAVAGE accounting of zombie boys meet girl!

  2. lisettetrefle

    Zombies are Real.
    Powerful. Raw. Intense passion. Hardcore extreme. Gore. Perfect. Invited to camp near a spooky cemetery for a night got more than Caroline bargained for when she saw alleged zombie actors on the hunt. Only Blake and Rhett weren’t actors. And yes I want more so I am going to read the bonus scene.

    I received a complimentary copy from BookFunnel to voluntarily leave an honest review.

  3. zoo2keepr

    Zombies are coming, the zombies are coming!!!

    It’s Halloween and the monsters come out to play. These characters are brought to life in colorful detail. Rhett and Blake are zombies from another time and place, and they are alphas. They are hungry and need to feed on human flesh for their boss, so they go on a feeding frenzy. Caroline didn’t want to go camping with her best friend. Turns out Caroline should have stayed home. Her “best” friend invited the jocks to stay with them. The zombies ride to the rescue as Caroline is accosted by a particularly pushy jock. The zombies are going to ruin Caroline and turn her into an omega. I laughed and laughed some more. You’ve got to read this great book to see what happens. I recommend this book unless you are squirmy with gore or have any triggers on explicit scenes.

  4. Karon Price

    Caroline discovers she’s an Omega when she runs into Rhett and Blake after they rescue her from a drunken attack. She also discovers they are zombies as well as alphas. This is a wild Halloween romp and an interesting play on an omegaverse universe.

  5. Trina Jones

    WOW 😮 this was a great book. Best Halloween books ever and I love it. It was a page turner and the suspense was fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t even put it down. Caroline was omega bad ass chick with powers. And she ran into Blake and Rhett it was twists and turns of zombies 🧟‍♀️ drama. I highly recommend this book and you won’t be disappointed. I received ARC of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving my honest review. Trina Jones

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