Wronged and Wrecked (Warrior Elite Series Book #8)

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Wronged and Wrecked (Warrior Elite Series #8)


“Hate me all you want, pequeña chispa, it doesn’t bother me. So long as you obey like a good little prisoner, we won’t have another problem. Understand?”


Riddled with guilt and desperate to protect her family, Tamara controls her ability to wield fire with an iron fist and subjects herself to the whims of evil scientists. She suffers in silence for years, until all hell breaks loose and soldiers invade the facility. Injured and alone, she prays for someone to rescue her.

She gets Ru’en instead, an ice giant alien alpha with cold eyes and an even colder heart. As a Warrior Elite–a top secret Special Operations unit of super soldier aliens–and the only Frigant left in the known galaxies, he relies on his regulator to stop his subzero temperatures from freezing everyone around him.

Until he finds his match in Tamara. Fire and ice collide as they battle for dominance, but even when he overpowers her, she refuses to cower.

She’s his omega lifemate, but she’d rather set him on fire than submit to him.

With hate flowing between them, her family still in the clutches of evil scientists, and danger lurking around every corner, can they see past their differences and find their happily ever after, or are they doomed to remain mortal enemies?


Wronged and Wrecked (Warrior Elite Series Book 8) is a full-length, scorchin’ hot, dark sci-fi alien romance set on a far-off dystopian planet. Intended for +18 readers.

Tropes/themes include:
*Enemies to Lovers
*Forced Proximity
*Haters to Lovers
*Grumpy Alpha
*Opposites Attract
*Strong Female Lead
*Special Monster Peen
*He Falls First and Harder
*A Morally Grey/OTT Jealous/Possessive Hero
*Nonshifter Omegaverse (nesting, knotting, marking)
*Graphic Violence (sexual and nonsexual)
*HEA (Happily Ever After)
*Mf pairing (male/female)
*No cheating


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12 reviews for Wronged and Wrecked (Warrior Elite Series Book #8)

  1. Karon G Price

    Captured by the ISC and forced to work for them. Tamara lives for her family, protecting them as best she can even though they all seem to despise her for it. Ru’en is one of the Warrior Elite sent on a mission to clear the facility where Tamara is. These two are fire and ice, literally. They each have a special ability. He is a Frigant and she can produce flames. He hates family and she loves hers. But he loves her strength and sass and she grows to appreciate his protectiveness. She knows nothing of lifemates but the attraction between these two is strong. I really liked that they didn’t get together initially and got to know each other better. Great HEA.

  2. Trina Jones

    OMG!!! This page was a page turner and the suspense was WOW!!! I was at the edge of my seat I could not stop reading not even a minute. Tamara was a badass woman who was captures by the ICS who threat her by forced her to work for them. But she had to protected her family and Ru’en was on a mission to wipe out the ISC facility. And they both had special powers and their ability was fire and ice. He did care to much about family because he did not have any family of his own. But she love her family so much. But she was beautiful and her strength was powerful and magical . But their attraction and chemistry was strong and hot as well steamy. I received a free copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving a honest review. Trina Jones

  3. zoo2keepr

    Fire + Ice = Steam

    She was as much a prisoner as her family was only, she was forced to do bad things to them. The ISC has been running more of their evil experiments on alphas and omegas. The Warrior Elites are fighting a never-ending battle against the ISC. She had a hot secret talent that the ISC wants her to use. He was a cold as ice elite. Add them together and you get some heavy-duty steam. This book is HOT and wild. There are some triggers so be warned and read the trigger notice. I recommend this book for all those the love the omegaverse.

  4. Marcie Terry

    VT transported me back to the action packed lands of Mai’Cus with the Warrior Elites while they take down the evil ISC and I am here for it all. I devoured this in one sitting with only one regret and that was reaching the end.

    Tamara has been trapped in the claws of the ISC for years. This young omega’s strength, determination, bravery and love is inspiring after all the pain and torture she has endured. I love her spirit and fight so much.

    Ru’en is lethal assassin with an icy twist. His personality is one that caught my attention early on in this series because he is colder (no pun intended) than his other teammates. But even with his brutish “my way or the highway” nature, when it comes to his mate he will do any and everything for her. I adored seeing his walls be brought down by Tamara.

    VT’s talents know no bounds as she proves that fire and ice can make one helluva excellent combination. This has so much action and suspense with just the right amount of heart and steam. I love how this talented queen continues to build this amazing series with unique and unforgettable characters, seamlessly continuing on taking down the ISC but each book is its own. VT won my heart all over again with this and I can’t wait to see who finds their mate next.

  5. DMCechak

    Settling Half of Her Heart

    ‘Where my fire burns hot, his subzero temperature chills, but he doesn’t snuff out my flames. He gives them a safe place to burn as hotly as they need, never melting, never constricting, just providing an igloo of support. He gives me space to let loose without fear of causing harm.’

    Fiery Omega Tamara becomes the mate of Icy Commander Ru’en, in V.T.Bonds’ 8th Warrior Elite series book, Wronged and Wrecked.

    In Bonds’ omegaverse stories, we find physical and emotional extremes that pull us in as readers of this fantasy format. Deep and dark, these characters are survivors, fighting against those that oppress them (ISC) and also their emotional connections. That is, until the mate connection comes into play, and they are forced to find a way to connect to their other being.

    These stories are not for the faint of heart. They drag us through painful experiences and have us feeling emotions deep in the well of our own beings.

    Bonds is a master storyteller, as we read when mates are found for each of these unique warriors, but understand the depth of the thread of that unites two hearts, thus completing each soul.

  6. Sue B

    Captured by the ISC, Ru’en and his team rescue Tamara an Omega with special pyro
    Ru’en and his group of Alpha’s all have special abilities which allows them to work along
    side humans who are trying to find the secret locations where the ISC hold prisoners carrying
    out horrific medical experiments.
    Tamara and her whole family were captured and taken into the ISC facility where she has
    been responsible for treating each of them to the horrendous experiments and because of said
    experiments she has already gone through physical change that allows her to actually raise
    her body temperature and create fire and flames from her body.
    When Ru’en first reaches the facility holding the captured humans he is aware that there is a
    chance that there may be Omega’s that could actually be life mates for members of his team,
    unfortunately he never anticipated that the female being questioned by Commander Bracken
    was in fact his Life Mate, but with all that Tamara has been through she will do anything to
    care for her family.
    When Ru’en and his team are able to rescue those being held as test subjects they then take
    them to their hidden base where they are treated and as much recouperation as possible is
    given to each of her remaining family members. ​
    As Ru’en an ice monster and Tamara a young woman that is able to burn anything any
    anyone to a cinder
    I assure you that you will love every moment of this book it is simply a fantastic read.
    I voluntarily received and review an Advanced Reader Copy
    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up
    all the great writing.

  7. Bridgett

    Wrong and Wrecked world building in this novel was well done and very original. Each characterization was top notch with the leading characters being very distinct individuals. This book is a short and sweet read that takes you into a wonderful series. I love how the author gave us little glimpses into the future of the series while keeping this book all about the romance between this couple. The chemistry between the two characters was very sizzling hot. The storyline had everything needed to keep you turning pages; such as, a hot strong male, a strong heroine, steamy scenes, thrilling suspense and mystery. A beautifully written story delivered in a way that will make your heart melt.

  8. Karen

    Ru’en had utterly ruined me!

    I have loved this ice giant from the very moment I met him. I KNEW he would be worth the wait, and I was right!! Holy Moly! Bonds has killed this one and created an alpha unlike any other. Everything about him is what an alpha should be. Every word out of his mouth will have you squealing and saying yes to whatever he demands.

    This ice giant has a hardened heart and is prepared for war but when he meets this little omega, it is beautiful how quickly he starts to thaw. Not only is he a warrior unlike any other, but he is so dark and mean to her to hide his feeling towards Tamara. It is dark romance perfection.

    His alpha instincts tell him she is his lifemate but he is fighting it (while protecting her) at every turn. He is a “no one can hurt her but me” kind of alpha and I am here for it.

    When you have an alpha like this, written to perfection, you need an equally matched omega to pair with him. You can’t have a weak omega. You need an equally fierce, stubborn, and break bad lifemate… And that brings us to Tamara. HOLY SMOKES!!! I have NEVER seen an omega like this before. Her powers are so cool! My PNR/Sci/fi/fantasy heart beats so hard for this girl. I can’t even tell you how much I loved her. Her powers were so amazing these two together?? Pure Magic!!

    I mean the balance of light and dark. The balance of ice and fire. It could not have been written any better. This couple is one of, if not my top fave couple in this series. LOVE IT!

  9. Carmen Broomfield

    Wow! This book was something else, I loved the MFC & MMC. They were both equally as strong in their own ways, one frozen in ice and the other burning with fire, such a contrast! She endured a lot before the rescue and when he shared his story, OMG! I loved it and they were such a great pair together. It took her a while to understand how far he was willing to go to make her happy and content in spite of his earlier views of humans. She proved just how strong she was!

  10. TheaW

    Received an Audio Version of this novel. I truly enjoyed it! This is my first time completing a book by V.T. Bonds. It won’t be my last! Having it as an audio version enhanced my enjoyment. Having a female and a male narrator gave me a tremendous amount of realism especially with the accented speaking of Tamara and her family. I really liked the author’s interesting take on the Omegaverse Genre. Tamara and Ru’en’s fated mates, love story (a genetically modified human female and an alien male super warrior) was unexpectedly sweet and HOT! It is a page-turner for sure! Although I read this book as a standalone, I felt a missed some of the world-building information I might have had if I’d read all of the books leading up to this book which was the 8th Book in the Series. This is a Dark story. Along with descriptive violence, there are several actions described in the novel that could be triggering for some people.

    I received a free copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  11. Tina

    Audiobook Version
    Ru’en and Tamara’s journey has been so much fun. This story has an intriguing plot with some amazing characters. Plenty of graphic action, sexual and drama. The narration was amazing both of the narrators sounded so good together. I definitely recommend this book.

  12. tepajdawb

    Hot and cold…fire and ice…what a wonderful surprise this book was. I thoroughly enjoyed the power play in this book between Tamara and Ru’en. My initial thought/opinion of Tamara was, what is she doing? But once it was revealed about her situation, I felt like I would totally be doing what she was for the ones she loved. The ISC will use everything against you to get what they want. Ru’en, Ru’en, Ru’en…I had mixed feelings about him but damn, he really showed his true colors and it just totally melted my heart as well.

    Narration: Tor Thom did such a wonderful job at bringing Ru’en’s alph-holeness to life that it was what made me had mixed feelings about this character, period. I was totally onboard with Tamara and her feelings towards him. But damn, when you get to the sexy parts…dead…just dead. Vivienne LaRue also did an amazing job with Tamara. She brought her hope, fears, desires, and fire to life. The audio was smooth, no issues in general from what I can tell, very professionally done.

    As noted above, I really enjoyed this one. It highlights the abilities we are starting to see from the FMC in this series, but I really like the power/ability introduction of the MMC as well. He’s an interesting alien and I wonder if it’s specific to him or his species overall. Great addition to the series but it does bring more questions into what the ISC is up to again. They seem to always be a step ahead even when it looks like they are struggling to maintain a hold on things. Definitely, can not wait to see what the author has in store for us next!

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