Unleashed Omega (Alpha Elite Series #6)

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Alpha Elite Book 6


“I bought your body with credits, but your soul belonged to me before the transaction. I can’t wait to knot you, little firecracker.”


Deep undercover as a shunned mistress who’s been sent to the slave auction, I play my part well. I scream, pout, and even stomp my foot a few times before they drag me onto the stage and force me to my knees. Except, when my target bids on me, I know I’ve made a grave mistake.

Commander Draukir is the most lethal soldier in The Allegiance. He’s massive, powerful, vicious, and willing to do whatever it takes to decimate his enemies.

He buys me thinking I’m his omega lifemate, but I’m a spy sent to betray him.

When my own organization turns on me and attacks us while I’m trapped on his knot, he’s my only hope of survival.


Will he forgive me or live up to his brutal reputation?


Unleashed Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 6) is a full-length, sizzlin’ hot, dark paranormal romance set in a dystopian world. Intended for +18 readers.

Tropes/themes include:
*Slave Auction
*Enemies to Lovers
*Public Humiliation
*Extreme Size Difference
*Strong Female Character
*A morally grey, OTT jealous/possessive male hero
*Nonshifter Omegaverse (nesting, knotting, marking)
*Graphic Violence (sexual and nonsexual)
*Mf pairing (male/female)
*HEA (Happily Ever After)
*No cheating



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1 review for Unleashed Omega (Alpha Elite Series #6)

  1. Karen

    This series just keeps getting better and better. I love this story! We first saw them in the Auctioned Anthology and I instantly fell in love with them. Just the fact that this story intertwines with the Alpha Elite Series is so incredible. Throughout this series, we have seen each alpha find his lifemate and now we see the crossover if you will of these two. I always wanted to see more from this couple and this is exactly what V.T. brought this time around. Without any spoilers, this little omega spy has a connection to that series that I never saw coming. Talk about a plot twist. Watching these two and experiencing their journey was so fantastic. V.T. is known for her strong female characters and this book is no different. I loved her! And Draukir? HOLY CRAP!! This guy is EVERYTHING!! I cannot even tell you!! One of if not my FAVORITE alphas!! Yes!! He will give Dirk and Daddy Vander a run for their money here folks. He was a beast and I LOVED every second of it!! This alpha is not to messed with and when you come for his omega? You better look out..

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