Unified Omegas (Alpha Elite Series #7)

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Alpha Elite Book 7


“You’re begging for a good knotting, aren’t you, little omega?”

“Once we get through this, I’ll put as many babies in your belly as you want.”

“My beautiful little love, you are the bravest of us all… I’d do anything for you, my tiny temptress.”


The Alpha Elites, a top secret Special Operations unit of super soldiers, have worked so hard to claim us, but their most elusive and dangerous enemy has set their sights on us again.

We won’t cower in the corner while our lifemates fight this battle. They are ours.

We’ll do anything to secure our happily ever after.



Unified Omegas (Alpha Elite Series Book 7) is a full-length, sizzlin’ hot, dark paranormal romance SERIES FINALE set in a dystopian world. Intended for +18 readers.

Tropes/themes include:
*Mf pairing (male/female)
*Strong female main characters
*Morally grey, OTT jealous/possessive male heroes
*Nonshifter Omegaverse (nesting, knotting, marking)
*Graphic Violence (sexual and nonsexual)
*HEA (Happily Ever After)
*No cheating


“What’s done is done. I’d do it again to save you. Hell, I’d do it a million times over if it meant we’d all have a chance at happiness.” -Minette



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1 review for Unified Omegas (Alpha Elite Series #7)

  1. Karen

    And so it comes to an end.. Damn.. The series that has captivated our hearts and has taken us on a journey of love and loss is now complete. Bitter-sweet. From the moment we met Seeck and the boys in book one our hearts have been held hostage to the heartbreak, unconditional love, and endless plot twists in a truly epic story. This world and all its characters have found a special place in our hearts and will forever remember the Alpha Elites and the Omegas they found along the way. WOW!! What a journey. These stories were never boy meets girl.. Alpha meets Omega.. No, V.T. created Omegas unlike any Omegas seen before. The bond between these females and their lifemates was unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen before. What an ending!!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Even though I am sad to see them all go, it could not have had a more fitting ending.

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