The Sacrifice Trilogy (Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths #3.5)

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The Sacrifice Trilogy

Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths Books 1-3

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The Sacrifice Trilogy contains books 1-3 of the Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths series. The Last Sacrifice Lured into the demon’s lair. In a nightmare I can’t escape, I find true evil exists. They have no mercy. Can I survive their wicked savagery? The Lost Sacrifice Stolen from the Demon’s lair. They marked and mated me against my will, forever changing my fate. I thought nothing could be worse than being sacrificed to a demon and given to a werewolf. I was wrong. Being separated from them is worse. The Little Sacrifice Desperate for the Demon’s lair. For a love never meant to be, our bond thrives despite my weakness. I fight for love, knowing more than my own life is at stake. I’ll protect what’s mine with every breath. No matter the cost. *This Dark Paranormal Romance is not for the faint of heart. If explicit scenes, violence, and D/s themes offend you, please abstain. Proceed with caution.*


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