Taken by the Tanker (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #1)

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Taken by the Tanker (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #1)


“Keep fighting, little omega. I like the way your tight little body moves against mine.”


Locked in a rusty metal cage and doomed to suffer as soon as my first heat hits, I barely survive in a broken world run by brutal men. When The Tanker, the biggest, cruelest alpha around, murders everyone I know and flings me over his shoulder, my life takes an even worse turn.
He doesn’t just want to mate me.
He wants to break me.
Breed me.

Own me.


Light on plot, heavy on spice, dive into this ‘quick read’ dark dystopian human omegaverse romance knowing you’ll find triggering content, including a possessive alpha, a reluctant omega, and a delicious battle of wills that ends in Happily Ever After.



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34 reviews for Taken by the Tanker (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #1)

  1. Karen

    Wow, what an anthology. I mean 13 authors and 13 incredible stories that are unlike anything I have ever read before. Some of Omegaverse Elite Authors here have come together and wow does it get spicy! This antho has stories for everyone ranging from light to dark and a whole range of alphas. I loved this quick little sample of stories from so many amazing authors so that I can get a taste of the characters. These stories kept me wanting more and I can’t wait to see the full stories come out.

  2. StorySara

    I was intrigued by the original setting of this book. In a dystopian world with rising sea levels, people are forced to eke out an existence on old ships and debris, all piled up and tied together to form an unusual world. Char lives at the top level, where she has a small porthole to provide fresh air as respite from the dirt and stench of the shop she hides in. Hoss rules a territory deep in bowels of a ship, far from the surface. Surprisingly, he has found a way to generate fresh water and trade for food. He is determined to start an empire with Char at his side. I so wish this had been longer as I really wanted to know more about Hoss and Char’s community. The world building was great but I just wanted more details and more plot development. I’m looking forward to finding out more in the next book in the series.

  3. Shannon W

    Dystopian and Omegaverse together? Absolutely the book for me.
    Hoss starts out as a somewhat dislikeable character, kidnapping Char and taking her deep below where she doesn’t have access to the fresh air and light… But he more than turns it around as they go on, mating and marking her and giving her access to his empire equally, and loving her hard (even if he doesn’t realise it)
    My only complaint is that it is very much a quick read, a short novella that covers a lot in a short period of time, but I definitely look forward to seeing more from this series!

  4. Alisha

    Love this book- I love omegaverse, the only complaint I have is I wish it was longer and we got more of Hoss and Char. This dystopian world that people are barely surviving really draws you in and I can’t wait for the next book. This is not a sweet verse book but it is delicious. The smut is *chefs kiss*. For those who have read the Issoellen 12 sectors omegaverse books you will love these

  5. Emily Z.

    My only complaint about Taken by the Tanker is that it wasn’t long enough. Ideally, for me, I’d enjoy reading a longer version of this tale. I’d like to hear more about the characters’ backgrounds. I would appreciate further details about this fascinating society and more in-depth world-building. But…I can’t bring myself to take even one star away because this story, although short, is SO compelling, and so freaking, flaming, spicy hot! The narrative details are riveting–you can almost feel your skin being ripped and scraped across the rusty porthole surface right along with the heroine’s, as she tries to escape the alpha male who has cornered her. And you feel her despair, too, as he captures and claims her. The author is so da*ned good at ripping your soul open, then turning around and sending you into raptures with her habanero-hot bedroom scenes. Nothing less than 5 stars!

  6. Susan Cox

    How long can I hide from him…

    I loved this quick read! Char hides among her beta friends in this post plague apoplectic world of water. There is no hiding from the Tanker. He is the largest, meanest, brutal alpha there is, and he is looking for the omega he can smell. He destroys and kills everything in his path to reach her. Char knows if he finds her that it means a brutal heat charged death. But there is more to tanker than the rumors say. Char is going to find out personally what he is like. This book is a quick read that you will want to read over and over. My only complaint was I wish it was longer. I do look forward to the next installment of the Alphas the Waterworld. VT writes a great read and I love all of them. I recommend this book for everyone.

  7. DMCechak

    Taken by the Tanker – Alpha Omega Heat

    ‘My skin sensitizes as my insides pulse, the inferno growing within my abdomen leaping higher as he peers into my soul. Even though he’s sitting and I’m standing, our eyes are almost at the same height.’

    With a sense of dread, Char knows that the Alpha is coming for her. V.T. Bonds creates a visceral understanding of the basic rules in the omegaverse.

    In Taken by the Tanker, Alpha Hoss controls water, which means he controls all in the new series Alphas of the Waterworld. What he doesn’t realize is by claiming Char as his own, he is also claimed. Steam level High!

  8. CRBaker

    Short and spicy! Love the imagination that went into the world building, in fact I liked it so much I wish the book was longer so we could discover more about the watery world our protagonists exist in. But even with the minimal plot, V.T.’s version of the omegaverse is a great and classic example of the genre.

  9. BC

    I don’t usually leave reviews but Taken by the Tanker was just so good! I love the size difference between Hoss and char, such a powerful Alpha and a fragile little omega. The fear Char has in the beginning, afraid to be found, she has so much spirit and fight in her. Hoss finds and claims her regardless of her attempts to flea. There was so much detailed spice it left me craving more. I wish there could be a longer version in the future!

  10. Rachel

    Short and Spicy
    Post apocalyptic and omegaverse make this an intriguing and enjoyable storyline.
    Filled with steam and just a bit of plot.
    Things may have started out rocky between them. However, Hoss proves to be the right Alpha for Char.

    I look forward to reading more stories from this world.

  11. Kara

    In the beginning the alpha Tanker basically steals her, takes her captive, and takes her to his domain. This short story is more erotica, very spicy, and not a lot of plot. He is aware she is not ready for him (in heat) so he goes about taking care of her, bathing and feeding, and more to waken the omega inside of her. I do enjoy a spicy read so looking forward to reading more in the series! This ends in a HEA.

  12. Karon

    Very OTT Alpha hero and innocent Omega in a waterworld-like setting. This story is very heavy on the smexy scenes and omegaverse aspects (nesting, knotting, etc.) Char had been told stories of what “Tanker” would be like, but Hoss proved that although he was a ruthless leader, as a mate, Char would be his treasure. It was short but very nice with a HEA.

  13. Maxine

    Amazing first book in the knottiverse series.
    Char is a omega and she lives with three betas.she Locks her self in metal cage when her first heats starts.
    Her friends get killed and then she sees the biggest alpha in her life known as Tanker (aka Hoss) he takes her for himself.
    The story is short and very steamy and flows really well with a possessive alpha who
    rules the water and a omega who reluctantly follows the rules with a battle of wills but ends with a happy ending.

    Also I love at the end of the book you get a preview of the next book book in the series.
    Can’t wait.

  14. Paige

    I really enjoyed the worldbuilding of this story but it advertises light on plot and heavy on smut and delivers that. I was super interested in this world the author started introducing us to and then the whole book seemed to go by so fast. It felt like the book could have been twice as long and explored the world and characters more. For a quick read with a lot of smut this is really good though!

  15. Astrid

    It was really good. A bit too fast, left me wanting depth. I didn’t want it to be over. I look forward to reading the next one.

  16. Andrea

    Fantastic, high heat and fun book. Great for a quick read and a lot of heat. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  17. Bridgett Goodin

    f are you looking to explore a new world, then pack your bags and dive into V.T. Bond’s new water world series. This first installment will take you on a ride in a metal wreckage with dangerous Alphas and passionate Omegas. The leading Omega has heart, and the Alpha is dangerous and brutal. If you want a taste of dark, sinister, and delicious then read this series. This book hits the ground running with suspense and action. There is a ton of interaction between the main character’s and steam throughout this book to keep your cheeks hot. I totally recommend this read to lovers of romance, knotting, and steamy sex. Looking forward to the next tasty and sinister installment in this dark delicious word.

  18. Bec

    Waterworld meets Omegaverse. This one is not for those who want a sweet omegaverse, this one is dark and dubious.

    Char, an omega, who spends her days hiding and taking care of her not so thriving plants, finds herself taken by ‘The Tanker’.
    ‘The Tanker’, Hoss, is an Alpha leader, who thrives in the darkness within the depths of an old oil rig. Hoss does not want what other Alphas strive for, the sunshine or fresh air, he makes use of what the others don’t want and in turn has developed ways for electricity, fresh water and food.
    Hoss is an alpha-hole but you can see that Char has got under his skin and little bits of tenderness creep in.

    This book world intrigued me. I have yet to come across any omegaverse or other spicy books that have a dystopian waterworld setting and I have to say, I want more. I did want more with Char and Hoss, to see how the are together but it was still a good read. I look forward to more as the series continues.

  19. Nicole Genereaux

    Was a very short read but LOVED it. Need me an alpha like Hoss 🤌🥵😍

  20. Krissy Lynn

    Dark, gritty story.
    Dystopian romance.
    Bossy, possessive alpha
    Happily ever after

    5/5 ⭐️ Storyline
    4/5 🌶️ Spiciness — wish there was a little more

    Dub con

  21. Jenni Senenko

    I love, love, love this book by V.T. Bonds! Once again, the author has written another steaming book! Yes, the story was short, but it had a lot “punch” to it. I love Char, the Omega, because even her living in a dark Waterworld, where most hate Omegas, Char still showed a soft and caring side to her character. The way she cares for her plants, showed she has a kind soul. That she, as an Omega, is tender and would make a great friend if you were ever to meet her in real life. I admit, it was sad to learned that she had to locked herself in a metal cage because she was going to go into heat at any moment. Just sad to read. Then come charging in like a giant mean bull, is Hoss. A deadly and ruthless Alpha leader of the underbelly of the giant ship. There is a great deal of dub con scene, but the way V.T. Bonds writes these scenes. she writes in a way that you know Hoss would never, never cross that line until the sweet Omega gave her okay. In the end of the short dark Omegaverse romance, Hoss shows a side that makes you rethink him as a character and as an Alpha. Hoss shows how much he has fallen in love with Char, and he truly wants to make her family and he wants to start a family with her. At the end, the Alpha has won me over. Yes, this book is shorter than her other books, but it’s still a great read! She still gives her characters multiply levels where you get to see who they are when they are scared, angry, sad, happy and when they feel love. She writes beautiful dark characters where you still cheer them on and somehow like magic, you still fall for the dark, horrible alpha jerk and you still want to give them a high five. That is why V.T. Bonds is an amazing and beautiful writer. She has a talent to bring you in the story and just fall in love with all the parts of the dark, ugly, and beautiful parts of the story. I promise, reading this story, Taken by the Tanker is worth five stars.

  22. Danielle Bartz

    Short , Spicy little Novela. It was fun to read and I finished it quickly. I love a possessive alpha, and how sweetly he cared for her while maintaining his dominant personality. It gives you all the kinks and was definitely a fun read!

  23. @thoseofusinbetween

    “To all the Kevin Costner fans…I’m sorry and you’re welcome. May this be the series that becomes your new favorite classic.”

    This dedication should tell you everything you need to know moving forward.

    Char is an omega who has been locked away in a metal cage without proper care or anyone to truly protect her. She lives in a harsh world and her omega status ensures her future will be bleak. A chance encounter with The Tanker changes everything. This man…he says things like, “Keep screaming. I like the way it sounds.” Hoss is brutal, but in the way we like our alphas. He takes Char to his domain within Waterworld and she is completely at his mercy. This short romance is full of knotty filth. I LOVED IT! I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

    What you’ll find:
    Possessive Alpha
    Sweet Omega
    Dystopian vibes
    Forced Proximity
    MMC only sweet for her
    Lots of fluid

  24. Tammy M

    A short, spice filled read that left me panting.

    Rating: 4.5/5
    Spice: 5/5
    Darkness: 2/5

    Tropes: omegaverse dynamics, heat cycle, pheromones
    Kinks: knotting, biting, body betrayal, breeding, dubcon, forced o’s
    TW: SA (not explicit but implied), kidnapping, pregnancy

    This is my first experience with this author, but I doubt it will be my last! I really enjoyed the storytelling and writing. I loved this dystopian Omegaverse dark romance, the two themes blended seamlessly. I found the world building was good for how short the novel is, and the details really helped put you into what was going on.

    You can’t help but to try and hate the menacing, violent MMC but you crave him as much as the FMC tries not to. The mix of aggression and care for the FMC leaves you feeling like you’re on an emotional seesaw (which I enjoy). He is an Alpha that has no problem taking what is his, but unlike the others, he protects and cares for what he owns. Although she inevitably loses the battle against her instincts, it was an enjoyable struggle of wills. The writing is dual point of view which really gave it a well-rounded perspective. I’m especially pleased that in the end, she isn’t the only one who is owned.

    The only negative I can say is I wish the book was longer. The plot, world building, and their battle of wills could have been drawn out, leaving you on the edge of your damp seat a little longer to simmer in angst.

    Some of my fav quotes (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*):

    “Come back in or I’ll knot you right here, right now, your readiness be damned”. (PG 15)
    “This little female is the key to my empire, whether she wants to be or not”. (PG 17)
    “Keep screaming. I like the way it sounds”. (PG 19)
    “Her shriek satisfies my savage alpha instincts”. (PG 19)
    “Despite my harsh words and dark promises, I long to erase her pain”. (PG 46)

    ~ This is my honest and voluntary review based on my request for a free advanced reader’s copy provided by author~

  25. Kate Dieter

    I thoroughly enjoyed this quick steamy read. It’s hot and deliciously dirty.

    My only qualm is that the story wasn’t flushed out more. From just the little bit that the story introduced, I would have loved a more comprehensive story about these characters, their world, and their connection. Despite that, you will not be disappointed when you read this. Definitely leaves you wanting more!

  26. Jaime Yates

    This story is short and sweet but also quite steamy! Devoured this book without pausing. Couldn’t put it down. It is absolutely worth the read! I look forward to the next installment of the Alphas the Waterworld. VT writes a great read and I love all of them. I recommend this book for everyone.

  27. Lisa Strickland

    Well….Definitely spicy. An OTT Alpha and a abused omega. The Tanker has no emotions, he’s focused on one thing…getting him an omega, Char. He comes, he takes her, and he makes her his. Little did he realize that she might just do the same and claim him. Great short and spicy read to get you by.

  28. tepajdawb

    When the Tanker comes knocking, everyone needs to be on guard. If you are an Omega, you need to run and hide away and hope you aren’t found. Unfortunately for Char, it’s a little too late. The Tanker has her scent and won’t be giving her up. Quick and straight to the point, this OV story hits all the knottiness I crave for. Sometimes, you just want something without all the hassle of reading all the build-up that’s in between. Definitely looking forward to more in this Knottiverse series.

  29. Mary

    Nice quick read! Gives you just enough plot to root for Hoss and Char, but all the omegaverse knotty goodness. If you are looking for a quick read to fill your knotty fantasy, this book is for you.

  30. Charlize

    Wow! This was hot!

    It is a very quick and short read but was so good. Tank is really just a very aggressive, Possessive alpha male that foes have a soft spot for his new omega. She was really scared at the beginning but quickly learned that sometimes you have to peel back a person layer by layer to find that gooey centre. In his own way of course!
    This book could be a full book as well if the Author wanted.

    Was a really great read!

  31. Niki W.

    Now that’s what I’m talking about…

    V.T.’s new series is taking us back to our raw and gritty Omegaverse roots. Where Alphas are all powerful and take what they want. Omegas are possessions, good for one thing…an alpha’s knot.

    In this series opener, we are introduced to a new, and awesome I might add, dystopian water world. Don’t hold it against me, but I actually loved the movie Waterworld with Kevin Costner, and this took me right back there. I realize that was my first introduction to an alphahole with a soft spot for the girl (yes, I know it was a child, but you get my drift, lol). Here we have different factions or gangs, each headed by a top alpha that lord over their territories on a floating city made of welded together tankers and ships. With resources scarce, only the strongest most vicious Alphas can stay on top.

    Enter “The Tanker.” The monstrous and most fearsome of them all. He gets a whiff of a ripening Omega and he has a plan. Poor Char, the very bottom of this society’s totem pole. Her anxiety and fear keep mounting as her first heat approaches. Held in waiting by her area’s alpha, Char knows her future only holds two options: traded and bonded to an alpha where she’ll only ever be his to use and abuse, or she’ll be kept in her alpha’s brothel as any alpha’s rut hole for a price.

    Even though measures are taken to hide Char’s scent and keep her away from the public’s eye, there’s a raid into her territory only days before her heat. She is horrified to find out not only does The Tanker know about her, but he’s come for her and not leaving empty handed.

    I loved this dark OV, that harkens back to the genre’s roots. Where the brutal alpha is very dominant and rough, and the omega is gonna learn, whether she wants to or knot (hee hee), who is in charge. I loved the premise and intro into this water world. I could see these rusted cobbled together boat cities so vividly in mind and I am 100% on board for it. I cannot wait for the next installment, and I hope we get a glimpse of Hoss and Char.

    Warning: This is very dark with some dubcon, please check the author’s trigger warnings.

    Even though this is an ARC review, I will always shoot you straight. I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

  32. Cortnie

    I really enjoyed this quick afternoon read. The characters were enjoyable, the heat was high, there was a little bit of angst, a little bit of tensions, and a HEA.

  33. Beast’s Beauty

    I discovered V. T. Bonds last year (2023), and let me tell you every book she writes is on point with the alpha male calming the war within the omega and she filling the void in his world. This book had more inner dialogue than between the characters..which let you focus on those two.

    Some of my fav quotes:

    “Come back in or I’ll knot you right here, right now, your readiness be damned”. (PG 15)

    “Keep screaming. I like the way it sounds”. (PG 19)

    “Her shriek satisfies my savage alpha instincts”. (PG 19)

    And the way he constantly is in touch with her from the first touch; grabbing her hair was like yes yes yes!!!!

    The only drawback is that it was too short….why do they live in a tanker; why is he living in the bottom and who rules at the top? Just questions.

    P,ease tell me there is more surrounding these groups of folks!?!?!?

  34. lisettetrefle

    First book in the Waterworld series that gives a glimpse if there was a water apocalypse with no land and everything is flooded. Think Kevin Costner in Waterworld. Only as an alpha, “Tanker” Hoss who finds his omega mate, Char. They live on an old oil rig tanker. I love how tender yet firm he is with her. It’s tender and loving for a big Nasty male. There are steamy sexy scenes meant for 17+ ages.

    I received a complimentary copy from BookFunnel to voluntarily leave an honest review.

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