Stolen Djinns (Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths #5)

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Stolen Djinns

Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths 5


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Good versus evil never felt so desperate. I broke their curse. I set them free. Now I need them more than my next breath. When their past rips us apart and sends us into hell, we have only one choice. Fight. *This Dark Omegaverse Romance is knot for the faint of heart. If explicit scenes, OTT possessive alphas, violence, and D/s themes offend you, please abstain.*

1 review for Stolen Djinns (Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths #5)

  1. Karen

    You know I waited a bit to review this book because I was hoping that Bonds would somehow magically unbreak my heart… But it is still broken. So here I sit crying and broken-hearted over my beloved Djinns.

    I have loved these two, Kai’tau and Ke’nu, from the very start. I mean instant, unrealistic, love, and I love everything about them. I love their story, their history, and how vastly different they are. I love that Zuli needs BOTH to complete her bonds. And this is classic Bonds mastery right here. She introduces these irresistible characters, makes you fall in love with them, and breaks your damn heart so completely that you are a balling mess and tossing your kindle across the room. (There was yelling too, lots of yelling)

    This book is emotional because angst is what she does best. There is no HEA right out the gates. No, you have to work for that. You have to go through some stuff to really appreciate the HEA. That’s where we are.

    Secrets held from Zuli put her in more danger than she could ever imagine. The bonding is only the beginning and now the trouble comes.. No one was prepared before it was too late and now no one is safe. My beloved Djinns were stubborn and stupid and now are suffering in ways that are unimaginable. My heart breaks for them and the future of this bond.

    I have been tempted… I have tasted.. And now I need more. I need to know what happens. I need to know if she somehow saves her men. I need to know!!!! This book was amazing!

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