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Sins of the SEALs (Special Forces: Black Hearts Down #1)


Sins of the SEALs (Special Forces: Black Hearts Down #1)




The only hard day was yesterday. Unless you’re Jane Kelly. Then we’ll make every day a living hell.


Under the government’s initiative to include more females in the special forces, Jane Kelly came traipsing into BUD/S as though she might actually become a US Navy SEAL. She won’t. The four of us in SEAL Team 7 have done unspeakable things in the line of duty. Nothing is too gruesome, brutal, or depraved if it means accomplishing our mission.

And right now, Jane Kelly’s downfall is our mission.

We vow to do whatever it takes to ensure she taps out before the end of Hell Week. There’s no line we won’t cross, even when we realize she’s just as committed and ruthless as we are. We’re blindsided by her resilience. Addicted to her strength. Possessive of her body.

Which means we must push her harder. Hurt her deeper. Destroy her more thoroughly.

Because if she’s going to succeed, she needs to be prepared for all worst-case scenarios.
She needs to be ready to face the silent predators creeping in the shadows.

She needs to be ready for us.


Sins of the SEALs (Special Forces: Black Hearts Down Book 1) is a dark and brutal, spicy enemies to lovers, bully reverse harem military romance with themes not suitable for all readers, including profanity and explicit scenes of violence in both a sexual and nonsexual manner. Can be read as a standalone. No cliffhanger. HEA included.

* Author’s Note: PLEASE read my note in the preface or visit my website for a list of trigger warnings. *





Spoilers and Trigger Warnings below!





Trigger Warnings:

Sexual violence by main male characters

Gang Rape

Sexual humiliation

Knife Play (noncon)

Forced Orgasms

Orgasm Denial

Rough Sex




Some scenes may trigger those with combat related PTSD, claustrophobia, acrophobia, thalassophobia, aerophobia, androphobia, and/or hoplophobia. If you suffer from any of these conditions, please do not read unless you have proper treatment and/or coping mechanisms available.



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