Shattered Djinns (Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths #4)

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Shattered Djinns

Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths 4


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Good vs evil never felt so filthy. Ever since I bought this thrift store ring, I’ve been having nightmares. Mood swings. Confusion. And orgasms in my sleep. When I find a matching ring, I expect to find balance and peace, but things go from bad to worse. Now I have two mystical creatures vying for my attention. One light. One dark. Both eager to claim me as their own. How will I survive their games? *This Dark Omegaverse Romance is knot for the faint of heart. If explicit scenes, OTT possessive alphas, violence, and D/s themes offend you, please abstain.*

1 review for Shattered Djinns (Depraved Monsters and Decadent Myths #4)

  1. Karen

    OH, MY DJINN!!!

    Ok first off I have to say that I have loved these two since the moment I first met them… I have licked and claimed them both so ladies, take note.

    This short little story first premiered in the Monsters After Dark Antho, which if you haven’t read it you need to. The thing about monster love is that you don’t necessarily know you need until you read and then you think “How have I ever survived this long without it?” That being said, I am a dark freak and NO ONE does supernatural beings better than Mrs. Bonds.

    V.T. kills this story and the dynamic between Zuli, Kenu, and Kaitau. So let me tell you this. I LOVED this storyline. We have all seen Djinns and we all have seen their talesman. A lamp, a mirror, a portal of some kind. But this story was so unique and original. Kenu and Kaitau are two sexy, colorful Djinns. One bound to the light of day, one bound to the darkness of night, and one long and tragic past that has these two alphas battling to survive.

    Here comes Zuli. The new owner of their talesmen. Let me tell you (again) I loved this aspect. No spoilers but for one girl to have both talesmen together in such a unique way that essentially unlocks their freedom is just amazing. I love the wishes and how clever V.T. was with not only how Zuli uses them but also how important they were to the story. I absolutely loved both of these guys and how different they were. Their personalities and temperaments, dark to light., gentle to rough, sweet to unforgiving.

    It was a perfect balance. The perfect balance that SHE needed. And the readers needed. It needed to make sense and it worked perfectly together. I honestly don’t know how she all that she did in just 76 pages but it was incredible. I need more. I am greedy like that.

    If you are PNR freak and you love ghost touches, incubus vibes, mind control, unseen to the human eye supernatural characters, and a MFM story that satisfies your heart and lights your kindle on fire then this is the story for you, my friends.

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