Shadows and Shafts (The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters #1)

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The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters Book 1


e-book BANNED by Amazon *too dark and dirty*

(paperback still available through Amazon)


e-book BANNED by Amazon for being *too dark and dirty*.

(paperback still available through Amazon)


Poor little human.

She shouldn’t have come to this Halloween party. Monsters lurk in the shadows… and we’re hungry.
My brother and I want her screams. Her slick. Her fear and pleasure.
We can’t wait to ravage her. She should be an easy, fun conquest…

So why does this time feel different?


This addition to The Knottiverse is dark, filthy, and knotty. If you like intense stop, I can’t take anymore but they don’t stop situations or I hate you, leave me alone but they smirk and pull her closer, then this is the story for you. If not… go somewhere else. I’ve got hot, feral monsters to wrangle.


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2 reviews for Shadows and Shafts (The Knottiverse: Halloween Monsters #1)

  1. Karen

    This is one Halloween Party that I would LOVE to attend.

    Poor Jennifer has no idea what is about to happen to her. One minute she is dancing her Halloween away and the next she finds herself in the hands of two monsters. Rajani and Sunil are not your typical monsters though. These two brothers are trapped between two realms. They take on both ghost and human forms and seem to control the shadows around them. It is so dark and delicious!!

    These two monsters are forced into worshiping their creator Sathanas in order to remain in the realms, and well, Jennifer is the sacrifice this year. Jennifer however has no idea what is coming for her.

    I loved how different these alphas were. Even though they both have the same goal, they go about completely differently and this little frail girl is a big part of that. I can’t wait to get the whole story of these two. I am all about the balance of these two. I am all about the struggle that she has wanting them, knowing she shouldn’t or even has a choice in the matter. I am all about the struggle they have with their purpose if you will and sacrificing this woman for the cause when all they want to do now is keep her.

  2. Bridgett

    Shadow and Shaft was an amazing story. The story has great character building and sizzling scenes. Loved the chemistry between Jennifer, Rajani and Sunil. This story is so compelling the characters captivated me in the first chapter. The author gave life and meaning to each character and surroundings. I couldn’t wait to see each chapter unfold in this wonderful world of Shadows and Shafts. I love a good story and V. T. Bond has hit another home run. Highly recommending reading the book.

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