Rescued and Ruined (Warrior Elite Series #1)

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Rescued and Ruined (Warrior Elite Series Book 1)


Warrior Elite Series Book 1


I thought being kidnapped by heartless scientists was the worst thing that could happen to me.
I was wrong.
Being rescued by a massive teal alien alpha covered in spikes was worse.


The scientists only wanted to experiment on me.
He wants to ruin me.


**This story is knot for the faint of heart. It is a dark action-packed Omegaverse story set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.**


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7 reviews for Rescued and Ruined (Warrior Elite Series #1)

  1. Mary Meredith (verified owner)

    This is everything I hoped it would be. So excited to have found this author.

  2. Karen

    Oh, I am in love with this series already!

    Fresh out the gate with book 1 in the Warrior Elite Series I am hooked. This is a sort of continuation of my beloved Alpha series so we do see some really great characters crossing over. Brand new character couples though, Raeni and Craize. These two like most V.T. couples have suffered so much and been dealt a tragic hand in life. Despite all that, they manage to find each other and boy do they bring the heat. I loved Craize and how instantly drawn to Raeni he was. You can tell immediately they are lifemates whether either of them wants to accept it or not. This story is tragic and angsty and so beautifully written. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  3. tepajdawb

    Been meaning to read this book so was happy when the audiobook was available to listen. Been really into OV so being able to discover more authors in this genre is always a plus. The author did not sugarcoat this story at all. It’s darker OV, full of raw and intense emotions right from the start. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any happy or good times. Just be aware that this may not be the right kind of book for readers who like lighter OV storyline.

    Narration: I wasn’t so sure about the male narrator. His voice is pretty raspy to me and at first, I was like, I’m not sure this is going to work for me. However, as I listened on and got to know the main male character, the voice just became him and it just worked. Thank goodness! There’s nothing worst then listening to a story and the voice just takes you out of it. Both narrators really worked with with one another, great balance.

    I’d really enjoyed this first book and know there are a few more in this series. I’m really looking forward to catching up on all of them!

  4. kymagirl

    Story: Omega Raeni’s (h) is capture, experimentation, and abuse by alphas from International Science Corps (ISC) comes to an end when a rescue team attacks the station where she’s bring held. Alpha Craize (H) seems almost as bad to her when he immediately tries to claim the traumatized omega for himself as a biological response to his lifemate response being triggered by her. Raeni is convinces that she’s jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire and it takes all of Craize’s patience and efforts as an alpha to convince her that she’s his. Lota of action and adventure in this ultra-hot and steamy fated mates Omegaverse romance, including heats, rutting, claiming, knotting and more.

    Audio: The narrators did an excellent job with this story and really helped bring it to life from the written word. Really glad that two narrators, a male narrator and a female narrator, were used – it makes such a difference to hear male dialogue with a male voice and female dialogue with a female voice.

  5. LaJacinth73

    I have to say that his series was so listened to out of order. But now that I am listening as I should I am finding that each woman linked to each warrior serves her purpose as she shoul.

    I was so bothered and enraged by the ISC, How can you experiment on a several diferent species for what to create an army – for sheer enjoyment to contiue to serve after the break; that is soooooo beyond wrong. Craize had no idea what her issue was but he willing to do what it takes to keep her safe even if he she didnt want him.

    I am so taken by the inner dialogue each character explains thier story and the interactions in snippets without drawing out the entire history and if you are pay attention you learn things about each awhy their turmoil was such strife.l

    The performance by Curt Bonnem, & PJ Morgan were supeb …everytime i listen to their voice not only and i draw intot he world but they know what inflection to have to make the seeen drift or you understand the emotion each feels.

    Ye i am here for it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tina

    Very interesting plot with some fun characters. I really enjoyed the twisted way the book started. Action packed with explicit scenes and banter all making for a thrilling adventure. The narration was perfect, I love their voices and enthusiastic performances. Absolutely recommend this book and excited to continue this series.

  7. Amy

    This was a great beginning to this scrumptious series. I love the alien alpha with spikes and all and probably not so much , when he wanted to have revenge on the lovely omega . I loved the steamy scenes these two had and the constant back and forth between the two characters. The omega herself was a strong willed but soft female. The narrators did a wonderful job with the characters. Breathing life into them and giving them a voice was amazing.

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