Protected and Punished (Warrior Elite Series #4)

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Warrior Elite Series Book 4


Warrior Elite Series Book 4


The ISC created me for one purpose: to accept pain. I move from one test subject to the next, taking their physical and emotional struggles away.
When Subject 869, an alien alpha with crimson eyes and merciless hands, demands more from me, I can’t give him what he wants most.
My pleasure.


Will he let me go, or are we doomed to destroy one another?


**This story is knot for the faint of heart. It is a dark action-packed Omegaverse romance set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.**


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9 reviews for Protected and Punished (Warrior Elite Series #4)

  1. Karen

    Wow, what a story!! Once again we see Bonds bring an incredible, heart-wrenching story that makes you feel for these characters. Lyc is no different. We finally get to see his story and it is incredible!! This entire series seems to only get better and better with each installment. Hell-bent Alphas and reluctant Omegas are the name of the game here folks and it is so good!!! Bonds set the stage for the next book in the Warrior Elite Series and I CANT WAIT!!

  2. DMCechak

    I am continually amazed by the intense omega-verse that V.T. Bonds is able to share with us, especially in her Warrior Elite series.

    Subject 66C and Lyc’s story punched a hole in my heart. It took an even deeper step into the world of the ISC and the incredibly dangerous and deadly scientists, Enforcers, and the Director who took young Omegas and experimented on them.

    Watching Lyc’s turmoil, as his visions provided endlessly hostile results, also kept this story perilously close to the edge of sanity. A happy ending is fleeting in a world of such terror, but Bonds uses her language to build bridges of understanding between unexpected mates.

    Kurt Bonnem and Tieran Wilder do this fabulous book justice and narrating partners. I especially enjoyed Tieran’s narration. .

    Protected and Punished, book 4 in her series, defies true romanticism, yet provides it nonetheless.

  3. LaJacinth

    This is the fourth book in the continuation of the Warrior Elite Series.

    She doesn’t have a name other than 66C. She was created to accept pain and that in itself was a driving force…Until Lyc. Lyc is captured by the ISC…and they are even more dangerous than described now that he is back. Lyc overtime realizes that 66C is not only his but understands and learns that 66C is exactly who and what he needs…hist life mate.

    After being captured, the visions for him that Lyc has are a constant reminder of what has to happen to survive. But Lyc will not allow 66C to continue to live in the horrific place of the ICS. He fights, claws and kill to proatect until his team comes for him, he just had to hold on til they do. He has to keep alive and constantly remind 66C that she isnot a number and a letter but his…only his.

    I am enthralled at the voice of Kurt Bonnem and Tieran Wilder. They know how to relay the emotions in the scene and how to switch between anger and lust in a blink of an eye. “Chef’s Kiss”

    I love this series for the mere fact that in the midst of the darkest of the dark love will always win.

  4. CarmenB

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish listening to this one or not. The entire series is full of such brutality and heat at the same time. I thought Lyc was such a brave warrior, once he came into contact with Subject 66c it was only a matter of time before he figured out how to get his Omega out of that hell. The way they shared in his emotions and she was able to trigger his inner beast was simply astounding. I’m still not too comfortable with the whole Omega heat thing but jeez I am so addicted to V.T. Bonds bard skills!! I will listen until there are no more to listen to!

  5. Eniko

    My first book from the author and being thrust into the series at book 4, I should have known better LOL It was a tad too gruesome for me, being a creative person, I have a vivid imagination. I continued listening hoping it will have a HEA of at least a HFN … the story is about survival and finding that one mate that makes it all worth it. The ending made me happy. So yes, I will check the previous books in the series.
    Curt Bonnem is a new voice for me, and I like how it gave each character their own voice especially the Alphas. Tieran Wilder is one of my fave narrators, she has that warm voice that draws the listener in.

  6. tepajdawb

    Where do I begin? This one…it hits hard. There’s so much despair and yet there’s this light the shines so bright no matter how dark it seems. That’s what Subject 66C is. A beam of light in a world of darkness. She’s not aware of this as all she has ever known is pain and suffering. Not until she meets Lyc, or Subject 869. Lyc has been taken prisoner and finds himself within the ISC machinations. He’ll do all that he can to escape them. Well, that is until he meets his fated mate. Now he’ll do all he can to ensure her well being, even if it means submitting to the ISC.

    The narrators did a wonderful job with this one. You can feel all the anguish and despair of Subject 66C as she fights her daily battles. You can feel all of Lyc’s anger and resentment towards the ISC for their manipulations and games they force their subjects to endure. It was very important to get this correctly expressed in the audio and both Curt Bonnem and Tieran Wilder did this and more.

    Overall, this book is a lot darker in content than the previous book but it’s a great addition to this series. It really shows the depth of how cruel and sadistic the ISC is. It may not be for everyone for sure (a lot of triggers for the more sensitive readers) but if you enjoy the darker side of romance in the OV genre, this is a definite read.

  7. Amy

    This book was a bit more tragic then the others I had listened to. Well it started that way anyhow and ended up with a lovely ending. The narrators were awesome in their delivery of the characters . An unnamed omega tested by the ise was used to torture a alien alpha and through out the torture they each found their life mate in one another. No matter how bad the circumstances were they held on for each other . There was plenty of steam in this book as the others . The dual knot in this one seemed kind of crazy .I really enjoyed this book and was happy when the un named omega chose her name. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series .

  8. Bridgett G

    V.T. Bond is one of my favorite authors. I read the book and when I heard this fabulous story would be in audio I was ecstatic. I adored Tieran Wilders’ voice bringing the main character to life. Her different voice levels were so on point. Tieran voice was very captivating. Tieran was cast perfectly for the leading female and brought her to life. Curt Bonnem’s was ok reading the main male character. I wasn’t as captivated by his voice, and my heart didn’t raise when he spoke. Still ok narration all in all. I do recommend this audible to experiencing a great story, world, characters and series by this author. Characters are rather well developed and the story is thoughtfully laid out. There is action, suspense, and romance.

  9. Tina

    Audiobook Version
    Really fantastic performance by the narrators. Great plot it’s twisted, dark violent and steamy. The characters are likeable and I really enjoyed the darker side with these characters. I’m excited to listen to the next book. I recommend this book.

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