Monsters After Dark – Anthology – Of Tentacles and Fin

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Monsters After Dark includes Of Tentacles and Fin (The Knottiverse: Monster Mates)

When darkness falls, monsters come to play.

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Monsters After Dark includes Of Tentacles and Fin (The Knottiverse: Monster Mates)


When darkness falls, monsters come to play.

Heat. Claws. Teeth. They rake over your body and draw you in. There is no one here but you and them; only their breath on your neck and your pulse throbbing in your veins. They creep from the shadows, from the darkest of dreams. They are here to take. Conquer. Claim. You know what they are, and terror seizes your breath. But you open yourself to the monsters. And you let them in.

Ten exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places.

Reticent Desire Publications and the monster-loving readers’ group, Monsters, Demons & Knotting, oh My! is thrilled to present this limited-edition anthology featuring steamy encounters with creatures both paranormal and alien. Our guys may be monsters—but your heart won’t be all they’ll eat…. *PARTICIPATING AUTHORS* Isoellen Ophelia Bell Nora Ash L.V. Lane Leann Ryans Godiva Glenn Leslie Chase V.T. Bonds Merel Pierce Cass Alex

1 review for Monsters After Dark – Anthology – Of Tentacles and Fin

  1. Karen


    Unbelievably good!! If you love PNR and monster romance this is the antho for you. PNR elite authors here giving you dark and delicious stories guaranteed to make you thirsty.

    Where do I even begin with this one? Nora starts us out with a demon’s bargain and it is so hot! I loved this deal she made with this demon and the plot twist that came out of nowhere. I need to know what happens here. I hope we get the full-length story of these two. One deal and one night every year turned into so much more. Merel gave us Joeseph, a feral alpha in captivity. What a tease and a taste… I want to see him as alpha and how she gets on with all of them now.

    V.T. brought us Okton and Zuk, octopus and shark.. “Hell would be easier and safer than where we’re taking you.” Oh, I was ALL IN for this one!! Liv gave us the monster under the bed and I LOVED IT!!! I have NEVER read anything like this and it was amazing! I really need the full story of these two. A monster who was always there… protecting her from the monsters but now that she is older and things have most certainly changed… He wants her for himself.

    I’m telling you if you love monsters this is where you need to be. I mean you see them in their monster form and the detail and the writing on all these stories are superb! All these authors did an amazing job.. Ok lastly… Demon of her Dreams… Wow! Godiva?? Seriously?!?! MY HEART! I mean wow. I was blown away by this demon. The nightmares that plague her and the revelation of who it really is. Man, this is the best of both worlds right here. No spoilers but all I can say is you HAVE to read this one!! 1 man, 1 demon, 1 lucky ass girl.

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