Laid by the Liner (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #3)

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Laid by the Liner (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #3)


“Bad girls get punished. Are you ready, tiny tigress?”


On the verge of my first heat and desperate to protect my sister from the brutality of men, I fly into an omega rage when raiders attack my family’s fishing boat. When The Liner, the biggest, cruelest alpha I’ve ever seen, arrives with his crew and rescues my sister, only to threaten to hurt her if I don’t go with him, there’s only one thing I can do.
Except, he doesn’t just want my obedience.
He wants my submission.
He wants to claim me.
Break me.

Own me.


Light on plot, heavy on spice, dive into this ‘quick read’ dark dystopian human omegaverse romance knowing you’ll find triggering content, including a possessive alpha, a reluctant omega, and a delicious battle of wills that ends in Happily Ever After.


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26 reviews for Laid by the Liner (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #3)

  1. Emily

    This is book #3 in the Waterworld omegaverse series by V.T. Bonds and it might be my favorite one yet. Is there such a thing as a Cinnamon Roll Omegaverse Alpha?? If so, then Deck is the epitome of that trope. I mean, he is def all Alpha, but he is all yum-yum-yum with her! V.T. is the expert at ramping up the heat between the H and h. And she is also expert at contriving a gripping and unique plot, even when writing a quickie like this. I’m really enjoying this series! I had the opportunity to read an early copy of Laid by the Liner, and this is my honest, freely-given opinion. It is short, but SO spicy and good! 5 stars.

  2. StorySara

    I love how in each new book in this series, more is revealed about the dystopian ocean world the books are set in. In this book we have Deck rescuing Bette and her family from their small fishing boat and taking them to his ship. As ever I wish the book was longer, but am fascinated by the original world the author has created.

  3. Krissy Lynn

    An Omegaverse romance set in a dystopian world of water; where Omegas are in hiding for fear of their lives and Alphas are searching for them to procreate. Little plot, but what is there is GOOD.

    Feral Omega
    OTT Alpha
    MF (no pack)
    Immediate spice
    Quick read

    3/5 ⭐️ Storyline (I just want more!)
    5/5 🌶️ Spiciness


  4. Karon Price

    The third story in the Waterworld series, Deck starts off as a bit of a tyrant Alpha. But just as Bette is driven by her dynamic, so is he and he turns into a big alpha softie who would do anything for his Omega. Just as advertised this book was big on spice and I was here for it. Would I love for this author to totally expand this universe and tell me all about how these various Alphas work together (or don’t as the case may be), ABSOLUTELY! Will I read anything by this author, especially when it’s spicy. You bet I will.

  5. Gabrielle

    This fast-paced story takes you on a sexy adventure. An Omega is in the fight of her life when an alpha like no other comes along and she has no choice but to go with him. Little does she know that Deck will change her life in so many ways. This book maybe short but it packs a punch. In this new world everything has changed and only the fittest can survive. Life is hard and she is a survivor. I love that Deck enjoys the fight that she has and shows her that he wants her as she is. I loved seeing the way their relationship takes shape. This world is not full of romance but it is full of hot and hard loving alphas who long for that one omega made for them.

  6. Sarah Poulton-Williams

    Laid by the Liner is the third installment in VT Bonds Waterworld series. This series is heavy on the smut and focuses on a post apocalyptic world ruled by alphas who will stop at nothing to find an omega.

    Book three is the turn of Deck. He saves Bette from marauders who have overtaken her family’s small fishing boat. He is typically domineering and manipulative and uses her family as a means of persuading her to leave with him. Little does Bette know, but her alpha is surprisingly cinnamon roll behind sealed doors. Deck wouldn’t dream of harming her. Although he does wish to break her and secure her dependence on him.

    I really loves this world of quick read alphas and their knots. Each book delivers a stolen omega (usually feisty!), a claiming, a knotting and an alpha giving their omega an opportunity to nest amid this tough world of watery survival. Deck and Bette deliver a gripping quick read with a HEA.

  7. Amanda

    I loved how the FMC Bette had a stubborn streak in her. I also loved that Deck the MMC didn’t just take but played a bit of mind games with Bette. This was the perfect transition read as I just finished a contemporary omega verse series and was going to read something much darker.

  8. Booklvr89

    This was a hit omegaverse. I went into it with an open mind and I’m so glad I did. It took less than an hour to read but dang it was excellent.

    I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review

  9. Maxine

    Loved this third book in the series.

    Bette is on a small fishing boat with her sister and family in the middle of the ocean.
    When they are boarded by raiders. Bette sees red when one of the raiders has her sister and goes into omega rage.
    Deck is Alpha who owns the liner comes to her rescue find his omega.Who he names tiny tigress.

    But the only way deck gets Bette is to threaten her sister if she doesn’t agree to be his but she goes but not willing.
    I love this book how deck does not want to claim her but want to care for her/love and protect her.
    Enjoyable read short with dominant alpha and feisty omega with spicy scenes and

    Can’t wait to read the next book.
    Absolutely love the series so far.

  10. Mel

    Another good short story within the knottiverse. These feel like an introduction to the main characters of a bigger story yet to be told, as the author has you hooked an leaves you wanting more.

  11. Marianne Hutchins-Mejia

    Loved this 3rd book to the series. As usual there is your growling Alpha but this time the omega fights back and I freakin loved that!! I also loved that Deck saw to all of her needs especially the emotional ones. This series gets better and better, can’t wait for the next book!!

  12. Trina Jones

    OMG 😱 this book was so fantastic it was mind blowing of emotions and drama Deck was sexy and mysterious and it will leaving you wanting more. What else was going to happen next for them. It was steamy and spicy. Loving back and forward of romance. I received advance copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion. Trina Jones

  13. DMCechak

    Laid by the Liner – Tiny Tiger

    ‘I’ll always miss the years I spent with my family. Times weren’t easy, but I relied on and cared for each person. They’ll forever hold special places in my heart, but now most of it belongs to this alpha. The largest, most dominant male in the world owns my soul now. And I own his. My mate. My ocean liner captain. My alpha. My Deck.’

    V.T. Bonds adds another heart-wrenching novella to the Dark and Steamy romance in the Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld.

    Omega Bette finds herself captured and mated to the ultimate Alpha.

    Bonds creates the dynamic that leaves readers feeling fear, then lust, and finally acceptance in a terrifying time, where life is extreme!

  14. Susan Cox

    His tiny tigress

    I love these stories. This latest one has an omega, Bette, in hiding as she approaches her first heat. Raiders attack her home and she flies into an omega rampage protecting Hera, her sister. Deck’s gang arrives during the battle. And they dispense of the raiders, taking Hera and Bette captive. These books have strong alphas and omegas. One is searching for something and the other is hiding. I recommend tis book and the others in this series. Please read the caution about triggers.

  15. Bridgett Goodin

    I love the author’s premise behind this amazing water world. The story is great, exciting and full of great scenes. I highly recommend you read the other books that are a part of this series. Open your mind and get ready to dive deep into a wonderful world that is constantly unfolding with each new installment. A definite must read!

  16. lisettetrefle

    Another Alphas of the Waterworld novel.
    Bette is found on her family’s fishing boat by the Alpha in search of an omega. Deck is the Cruise Liner’s Captain and Alpha. And this story displays siblings dynamics.

  17. Kayla

    Great quick, spicy read!
    Loved Bette’s fight and spirit when it came to Deck.
    And I loved how possessive and alpha Deck was when it came to Bette.
    Glad he showed her she could trust him and all the fun spicy stuff after!

  18. Beast’s Beauty

    Bette is a fighter and fought til she had no choice but to submit to Deck…her omega instincts made that clear.

    Deck jumped off the page and laid me out just like the title said.

    Be ready for the submission and the connection that leads to complete bliss!!!!

  19. tepajdawb

    I enjoyed this one a lot since it kind of surprised me with that ending. I mean, I kind of know what to expect from this series by now, and yet the author still managed to surprise me. Great addition to the series. I really like these quick, rough, and knotty reads since they are a great in-between-book-reads, and they give me the hit I need of OV universe.

  20. Cortnie

    This is a super quick, insta-heat, steamy read. Its perfect for a lunch break. It also has a decent amount of story line, likeable characters, danger and excitement, and a little bit of love. Deck isn’t the brutish type of Alpha, and Bette isn’t a meek Omega. I loved that subtle shift and they way the characters compliment each other. It’s definitely another win for Ms. Bonds.

  21. sandobee

    The third instalment of the Alphas of the Waterworld was probably my favourite. Short but sweet.

    Bette and Deck are both bad asses in this book. Bette lived with her found family alongside her biological sister and has fight in her and she shows it. Deck is the Alpha of a liner, he has crafted his ship to survive and thrive in the post apocalyptic world, gathering the best, even items for his yet to be found omega and then he finds her.
    Bette and Deck meet when pirates attack Bette “home” and Deck and his crew find Bette fighting brutally to save her family. Deck of course takes charge and takes his omega.

    Bette has spirit and fight, which only makes Deck want her more but can the omega really fight the want and need of an Alpha who has soft blankets waiting for her? This book is “sweeter” than the first two and ends in a HEA. Really enjoyed it.

  22. Mary

    I love these quick reads that are full of everything you didn’t know you needed. Bette and Deck both have such a stubbornness, but Deck has the strength to take his Omega. I loved the sweet ending. VT makes all these stories steamy with the sweetness you will love.

  23. Melissa Felix

    Another in this series that I loved. <3 It did take me longer to warm up to her alpha, but I still fell in love with both characters. I enjoy seeing the alphas in this series wanting to conquer their omega before realizing they're falling for them and quickly doing whatever they need to in order to make their omega feel the same way. I can't wait for the next!

  24. Foxy Lux

    Another stroke of genius!
    The story of Deck and Bette is short, but packing loads of emotions.
    I finished in 1 go and loved every minute of it. I am a bit biased since this is both a dystopia and an omegaverse.

  25. Amanda

    Just like the other books in the series this was a fast easy read. It was full of heat and angst for a short story but so good. I love this series because it’s not plot heavy and helps me reset after I have read something plot heavy. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.

  26. Karen

    Waiting to be Laid by the Liner: I am officially changing my profile name. That is how good this book is! EVERYTHING that comes out this man”s mouth should be printed on a T-shirt and I want the matching bumper sticker. Holy smokes!!! If you haven’t jumped on this series yet… what are you waiting for? You like omegaverse? Short and spicy reads? Don’t want to start an entire series 3 books in? I got you! These are low plot, alpha smut, dark omegaverse novellas that are SO WORTH THE READ. Deck is a take what he wants, no sh!t$ given kind of alpha and I am here for it! He has a dirty mouth and knows what to do with hers. As it should be. LOVED IT!!! Must read! Favorite one yet!

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