EXCLUSIVE Warrior Elite Series Audio Starter Bundle 1-6

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SIX full-length Dark Sci-Fi Romance Audiobooks for over 50% off!

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Enjoy over 32 hours of filthy, action-packed alien omegaverse romance for only $49.99.


6 Audiobooks for over 50% off!


Each alpha in this series has unique *special 🍆 features*, including but not limited to: umbrella tips, spikes, ridges, studs, extreme size differences, multiple shafts, and ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE KNOT.


Books included in The EXCLUSIVE Warrior Elite Series Audio Starter Bundle 1-6:

  • Rescued and Ruined (Warrior Elite Series Book 1)
  • Saved and Savaged (Warrior Elite Series Book 2)
  • Taken and Teased (Warrior Elite Series Book 3)
  • Protected and Punished (Warrior Elite Series Book 4)
  • Revived and Rutted (Warrior Elite Series Book 5)
  • Mended and Marked (Warrior Elite Series Book 6)



Rescued and Ruined Excerpt:

Friction. Heat. Hunger.

Lava scorches my veins as hard fingers explore between my legs, their ruthless stroking driving me closer to relief. A name leaves my lips, the monster orchestrating my pleasure commanding my thoughts before I fully wake.

“I love hearing my name on your lips. Say it again, Raeni.”

His lips brush along the shell of my ear, and with his voice so guttural and full of lust, I teeter on the edge of orgasm.

“Craize, please.” I don’t know what I ask for. I only know without a doubt that I cannot stay as I am.

“Beg me again, little omega.”


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Knotty Listening!



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