EXCLUSIVE Alpha Elite Series Bundle – A Dark, Dystopian Omegaverse Romance Bundle

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7 e-books for over 25% off!

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7 e-books for over 25% off!



“You have every right to hate me, little one. I’m an a*hole. But I’m your a*hole now.”


Orphaned in a desert village, I’m little more than a slave, but when my scent changes and the Chieftain assaults me, I fight back. Terrified and bleeding, I run through the streets, praying for death.

I meet Seeck instead, a ruthless, heartless soldier willing to crush anyone who gets in his way. Except, he isn’t just any soldier. He’s an Alpha Elite–a top secret Special Operations unit of super soldiers–and according to him, I’m in his way.

He leaves me broken and humiliated in an alley, but his teammates find me and care for me. They know something he refuses to admit.

I’m his omega lifemate, and now that he’s had a taste of me, he’ll never be able to walk away.

Which means I’m in more danger than ever before. His enemies have found us, and they know his one weakness.



Unknown Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 1) is a full-length, sizzlin’ hot, dark paranormal romance set in a dystopian world. Intended for +18 readers.



Tropes/themes included in the Alpha Elite Series:
*Mf pairings (male/female)
*Rejected Mates
*Forced Proximity
*Morally grey, OTT jealous/possessive male heroes
*Nonshifter Omegaverse (nesting, knotting, marking)
*Inexperienced but strong female main characters
*Graphic Violence (sexual and nonsexual)
*HEA (Happily Ever After)
*No cheating



Books included in The EXCLUSIVE Alpha Elite Series Bundle – A Dark, Dystopian Omegaverse Romance Bundle:

  • Unknown Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 1)
  • Unnatural Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 2)
  • Unbalanced Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 3)
  • Untouched Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 4)
  • Undone Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 5)
  • Unleashed Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 6)
  • Unified Omegas (Alpha Elite Series Book 7)



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