Defiled by the Destroyer (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #4)

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Defiled by the Destroyer (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #4)



Defiled by the Destroyer (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #4)


“C’mon, tiny scorpion. Call for daddy. Beg him to save you.”


Living under the fighting pits isn’t safe, but it’s the only place to hide from the alpha my parents betrayed before I even existed. For two decades we’ve avoided him, but with my mother miraculously pregnant again and my father missing, our luck runs out.
The Destroyer finds us, and he’s just as angry as the day my father scarred his face and left him for dead. With his grey eyes trained on me, I know I’m doomed.
He doesn’t want to kill my parents.
He wants to use me as his revenge.
He wants to claim me.
Hurt me.

Defile me.


Light on plot, heavy on spice, dive into this ‘quick read’ dark dystopian human omegaverse romance knowing you’ll find triggering content, including a possessive alpha, a reluctant omega, and a delicious battle of wills that ends in Happily Ever After.


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25 reviews for Defiled by the Destroyer (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #4)

  1. StorySara

    Fore has a lot of anger towards Vynn’s parents and is determined to get revenge for a past slight. He is a very aggressive character initially, but does eventually come to realise that he can’t have a relationship with Vynn without making peace, at least to some degree, with her parents. As ever this story left me wanting more, as it ended too quickly. It’s a great quick read though.

  2. Kate V

    4.75 – 5 stars!

    The fourth book in the Alphas of the Waterworld is everything you’ve come to love from the gritty and sensually dark Knottiverse. Alpha Fore finally gets his chance to exact revenge on the Alpha that wronged him. What sweet revenge it is too…

    Omega Vynn comes face-to-face with the most fiercest and deadliest looking Alpha that has a bone to pick with her family. Her head begs to resist the alluring beast but her nature yearns for the rough touch only an Alpha can give an Omega.

    “Pain isn’t the only form of torture I have planned for you, tiny scorpion, I’ll make you crave me. Need me. Beg for me to claim and conquer your body…”

    Fore and Wynn go head-to-head in the most deliciously devious and passionate way. Fore was dominant and expected everything from the Omega that called to his soul. Vynn may have been a small Omega but she didn’t lack in ferocity and bravery. I loved Fore and Vynn together and there’s nothing better than watching two characters hardened by life find their other half. Defiled by the Destroyer had enough plot to make sense and the Omegaverse smut to melt my Kindle. I love this world!

  3. Smutbooksaremytherapy

    I can’t get enough of the dark and dystopian world that VT Bonds has created.

    Omegas are as rare as plants and hunted by the alphas that desire to claim them. But they quickly find themselves claimed….

    Quick Read
    Dark Omegaverse
    Virgin Omega
    Fathers Enemy
    Age Gap
    Forced Proximity
    Heats & Bonds
    Happily Ever After
    5/5 ⭐️ Storyline
    5/5 🌶️ Spiciness

  4. Sandra Sanches

    Absolute 5 stars for this series, and a huge praise to V.T.Bonds for how she made short stories into an addictive series!
    Ah alpha in the path of revenge,a fierce omega trying to protect her family …this is perhaps my favorite in the series,well written, fast paced ,dystopian omegaverse, with some triggers but, in my opinion, only add depht and spice to the story.
    And,of course, the smut is delicious!

  5. Karon

    I must admit, I was kind of squicked out by the fact Fore initially considered Vynn’s mother his omega and he only is taking her as a revenge on the betrayal of her parents. Thankfully the author addresses this when the two bond and Vynn can see what’s truly in her mate’s heart. There’s a lot of spice, not as much characterization, but all the good Alpha/omega dynamic we love. Great HEA ending.

  6. Beast’s Beauty

    This was a trope that I never expected in this world – age gap by way of Father’s mentor.

    Vynn is the child of the woman Fore thought he destined for and the man who betrayed him. Revenge kept him going til he had Vynn in his arms. E V R Y T H I N G changed!!!!!

    Once bonded you find yourself, wanting to please you bonded mate no matter the wrong done…..Fore is definitely the Destoryer but not, in my mind, as presented….as he said Vynn is mine and she will be better knowing you are bearby and cared Fore.

    Loving this world and looking for more!!!!

  7. Gabrielle

    Fore is an alpha in search of revenge and Vynn is the omega that he will use for that revenge. In doing so both their lives change. In their world Alpha’s and omegas live differently and only the strongest will survive. Vynn believes that an alpha as ruthless as fore will only bring pain but is that true?
    This is another hot story in this series. Alphas in this world have to be hard and strong or you don’t survive. Fore was wronged and must set things right but will Vynn be the one to show him what the truth is? Their story is not only hot but it is also full of emotions. Each alpha in these stories shows that they are complex and Fore is no different. As Fore and Vynn find their way she finds that Fore may not be as heartless as she thinks. Once again, the author weaves a great story and pulls you in to this world. This is a down and dirty read that will have you believing in the magic of love.

  8. Mel

    Another great, short and spicy read. Good character intoductions. Although all the alpha’s act tough and scary in the knottiverse series they all end up melting a bit for there omegas. I love every book in this series.

  9. Sarah

    These Waterworld alphas are such a**holes but I cannot resist their great big, nest material hoarding, soft hearts.

    Fore has sworn revenge against his former mentee. His omega was stolen and he was left to die. Fore is nothing but seething anger and a lust for vengeance. Until he steals the omega daughter of his adversary. At first this is his ultimate revenge ploy. But Vynn gets under his hard exterior and her omega needs reveal his misunderstood truth.

    This is a super quick, steamy read. The plot is simple and fast paced and ends with a claiming knotting. Vynn is full of fire and fight and her anger is an equal match to the Alpha bark of Fore. This is a fun and dark dystopian omegaverse quick read.

  10. Rachel

    Enimies to lovers, omegaverse, futuristic
    I’m loving the standalone reads in this series.
    This was probably one of my favorites.
    Fore is on a path of revenge until he meets Vynn. The spice between them is smoking hot!
    Slowly, we see a change of heart for his new omega.
    If your looking for a quick and spicy read, with a happy ending. This is it!!

  11. Kaye

    Book 4 in the waterworld series and Alpha Fore is about to exact his ultimate revenge on another alpha for the theft of his omega and that is by taking his emerging omega daughter Vynn..
    This story is like the others so far in being short and spicy but definitely not as sweet and I like that
    this was a bit more darker and can’t wait for more knotty~ness..

  12. Trina Jones

    This is best short Omegaverse dystopian novel. This is Fore and Vynn’s story. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down. The romance was steamy and romance. It was a quick read with emotions and was revenge on his mind. Dynamic of chaos and danger. Will the child be saved in time. I definitely recommend this book and you won’t be disappointed. I received advance copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion. Trina Jones

  13. Cortnie

    This is another quick, dirty read that’s perfect for an afternoon read. It may be short on plot, but there’s enough to understand the characters and their motives. It’s also enough to become invested in them. There is a delicious amount of darkness and some tenderness, too. I loved it!

  14. lisettetrefle

    Captivated. This is book 4 in this series and yet its own standalone. I love how captivating these stories are. I am entranced while omega daughter Vynn attempts to protect and help her pregnant mother Sera from the big mean Fore, Alpha of the Destroyer. Learning how this situation came to be is interesting and brutal. Her father Ru is found. It’s good to know vengeance isn’t always the answer but justice is. Compassion, sass, heartache and a claiming, eventually leads to a compromise with a promise of a future happiness.

  15. Amanda Tanimoto

    Just like the other books in the series this was a fast easy read. It was full of heat and angst for a short story but so good. I love this series because it’s not plot heavy and helps me reset after I have read something plot heavy. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.

  16. Lux

    More yummy disptopian omega goodness. We diverse further into this world where a new Alpha stops at nothing to claim his Omega. I can’t express how eager I am every time a new story in this series comes out and how quickly I read them. Or how much I yearn for the next one. For me the series so far is a huge hit.

  17. Emily

    Another great addition to this series! If you love overwhelmingly dominant alphas with a hidden soft side, and fiery omegas who fight to the end to maintain their independence, then you will love V.T.’s Waterworld Omegaverse series. In Defiled by the Destroyer, the alpha Fore tries to use omega Vynn as a tool for revenge. But his focus on her quickly changes to possessive obsession. This story is one of my favorites in this series and I’m so glad there are more to come!

  18. tepajdawb

    This one hits me differently than the others before. In a good way as that I identified the characters as Asian so being Asian, it just hits differently. Anyway, I digress, as this is another hit for me. Should I have seen it coming? Yeah, I should have, but I was wrapped up in the emotions of both our Alpha and Omega, so don’t blame me. Cannot wait to see what’s next in this series!

  19. Melissa A Felix

    I wasn’t sure how the Destroyer was going to turn things around in the end, but he managed it. I enjoy how each of these alphas live in a different sort of structure in order to survive a world with no land. I love how each of the alphas get just a little softness in them for their omegas. They don’t really change, but they do what’s needed in order to make their omega happy and earn their heart. I love this series. Can’t wait to read the next one.

  20. DMCechak

    Defiled by the Destroyer – Tiny Scorpion

    ‘No matter how hard she resists, I will win. I will claim her. I will make her mine in every way possible. Because this tiny scorpion reaches deeper than my revenge. I hate it, but I haven’t survived this dystopian wasteland by sticking my head in the theoretical, nonexistent sand. I will claim her because I want her. Revenge is sweet after all. Sweet, spicy, and spiteful, just like my tiny scorpion.’

    VT Bonds continues The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld series with another steamy, spicy human omegaverse story in Defiled by the Destroyer.

    Vynn is an omega, while the Destroyer is an alpha with all the power of the sea. Once caught, she realizes that her nature will have her wanting this alpha, even as her head and heart battle to keep him away.

    This novella continues the saga of an omega’s needs finding a way to cut through the harshness of the alpha and creating a sense of balance in their relationship.

  21. Marianne Hutchins-Mejia

    Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2024
    Defiled by the destroyer is full of angst, revenge, love, sorrow and of course happy endings. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book because I am not a huge fan of angst but there was just enough to give the story and characters depth but not enough to trigger my own anxiety. 2 thumbs up – the only downside is now I have to wait “forever” to get the next in the series

  22. Karen


    OMG I am not kidding when I say, “Yall have no clue what you are missing!” I mean holy crap. I can’t even count the times I whispered, “Forgive me Father for I have sinned,” while reading this one. This man I mean how? How? How can he be? I just want to spend a day in V.T.’s mind. I don’t know if I would survive, but if I must go…. this is how I want to go.

    Defiled and Destroyed by Fore the alpha. Write that on my tombstone. “Here happily lies Karen, who went the only way she knew how. Defiled. Destroyed. and buried deep on his knot.” The end. There are no useful words here to describe how incredible this book is. How amazing these characters are and their dynamic with one another. How everything that comes out of this man’s mouth will make you scream for more. How you just can’t get enough. 100 pages, 1000 pages it wouldnt matter. You will always want more.

    THAT’S how good this story is. Leave flowers at my grave and grab this book on your way out.

  23. Mary

    The bigger they are the harder they fall and Fore was no different. He wanted to break his Omega, but in the end I think she won. Vynn realized that all Fore wanted was an Omega. Their joining was filled with lust, pain, love, and smoldering heat.
    V.T. is queen of short omegaverse stories. If you are looking for a steamy read in less than an hour then grab this book and enjoy.

  24. Tricia

    Yet another installment from VT and as always it’s amazing. Fore was a fantastic Alpha who gives all the shivers and Vynn was the Omega for him. Throughout the smoldering short story I was hooked. My only complaint? I wish there was more! This entire series is great as we delve into the dystopia of Omegaverse with every new story VT gives us.

  25. Bridgett Goodin

    If you are looking to explore a new world, then pack your bags for a underwater world fully of delicious alpha men and their women. Defiled by the Destroyer book 4, will take you into an uncharted world with strange creatures, enticing characters, dangerous Alphas and passionate Omegas. V.T. Bond doesn’t disappoint in awakening my imagination with this page turner and the story is so addictive. This book hit the ground running with the plot, main characters and action. There is a ton of steam and interactions throughout the book to keep it interesting. The world building is well done, scenes are heart pounding and certain moments will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you want a taste of a new world, with sinister characters, delicious alphas, and heartwarming omegas then read this series. Looking forward to the next tasty installment in this fantastic world.

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