Crushed by the Cruiser (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #2)

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Crushed by the Cruiser (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #2)


Crushed by the Cruiser (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #2)


“Keep fighting, sprite. I like how you feel writhing against me… I’ll like taming you even more.”


Hiding from a brutal world in a broken trash compactor, I’ll do anything to protect the two orphans I call family, so when they’re both injured during a storm, I risk everything to steal medicine from the market. My luck runs out when I come face to face with The Cruiser, the gigantic, ruthless alpha who lords over the entire ship.
He scents my omega pheromones through the layers of filth and chases me through the halls, and when he catches me, he reveals how cruel he can be.
He doesn’t just want to mark me.
He wants to break me.
Crush me.

Own me.


Light on plot, heavy on spice, dive into this ‘quick read’ dark dystopian human omegaverse romance knowing you’ll find triggering content, including a possessive alpha, a reluctant omega, and a delicious battle of wills that ends in Happily Ever After.



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25 reviews for Crushed by the Cruiser (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #2)

  1. Krissy Lynn

    There is nothing better than a dark and gritty romance with a main male character who isn’t just tough & possessive… but also ready to fall in love.

    Bossy alpha
    Fiery omega
    Forced proximity
    Fated mates

    Little plot, lots of spice
    5/5 ⭐️ Storyline
    5/5 🌶️ Spiciness

  2. StorySara

    Em is hiding with the two children she has adopted when Maast finds her and takes her away. This leaves Em feeling conflicted about her role as a caregiver, whilst also wanting to explore her connection to Maast. It’s a very short story but engrossing despite that. I really like this series but have so many questions about the world it’s set in! I just wish the stories could be longer so we could explore this more.

  3. Karon G Price

    The author warned us, “little plot, lots of spice” and I gotta say, I’m not mad about it. I love the omegaverse trope, fated mates, etc. Especially when most of the omegas in this world don’t seem to know much about their dynamic and their alpha can teach them just how amazing their matches can be. Loved to see Maast become the OTT protective hearo that will give Em “everything” and how she finally trusts him with her secrets. Would I love to see this expanded into a full fledged novel, absolutely. But this story delivered just what it promised.

  4. Brandi Q

    Another hit in this wonderful world! This one has lots of nesting and messes, and shows how important the bond and family are!

  5. Beast’s Beauty

    Masst is…I have no words. The way he com3s off the pages I am literally “speechlessly blinking”. I love his nickname for Em, sprite. Em was fierce from the page one..she made it clear that nothing..and I mean nothing was gonna keep her family safe but her.

    VT you are a genius with the Alpha/omega…”Chef’s kiss”

  6. Marianne Hutchins-Mejia

    I am really enjoyed the world building in this series and of course the spicy stuff as well. The alpha in this book was very rougher yet sweeter. My favorite line and I do not typically highlight passages in a book “I’m a greedy bastard and need to hear your sweet voice say my name. I don’t care when or how. Now or in thirty years. Angry or in ecstasy. I.Don’t.Give. A.Fuck.”

    Once again I couldn’t put it down – unfortunately now I need to wait for the next in the series. Write faster V.T. Bonds!!

  7. Emily

    So, VT Bonds is back with her amazing Waterworld series of quickies. She is up to her usual sizzling hi-jinks with another short but smoking-hot tale that I devoured! I just love the way this author writes; love the characters she is so good at creating. I understand there will be 4 of these stories altogether and I intend on reading (and re-reading) them all. These are very well-developed Omegaverse stories in a dystopian world setting where water has covered all land masses on Earth. They are short, just right for reading on your lunch break, or while waiting at the doctor’s office, or as a spicy treat for reading at bedtime. I was pleased to be able to read an early copy of this book, and this is my freely given opinion. Loved it!

  8. Marsaili

    Quick “dirty’ read! Looking forward to reading more in the series, not just for the Spice but world building as well. Lovvve Waterworld!

  9. Rachel

    Omegaverse, enimies to lovers, Waterworld/futuristic.
    It was a quick and easy read!
    Filled with spice and just a bit of plot.
    Ending with a HEA for both Em and Masst.

  10. Amanda

    This is a short steamy and semi dark read. The spice level for this short read will have you fanning yourself though. It was enjoyable as a quick read that took me less than an hour to finish, just don’t expect it to have a plot. I enjoy these types of books when I want to give myself a break from all the heavy plot books that I frequently read.

  11. Savanna

    It’s short, sweet, and very spicy. I absolutely loved this book. I couldn’t put it down! I love Em and Masst! They are amazing together! Thank you V.T Bonds for giving us this masterpiece!

  12. Sarah Poulton-Williams

    I love this mad dystopian world of life aboard a floating city where dirt is a prize possession and omegas are in very short supply. Masst is a super domineering alpha who has been preparing for his omega for a long time. His private space is stuffed full of the coveted nesting materials he has been hoarding awaiting his mate. Em is the feisty omega who has been fighting to protect two youngsters she has adopted as found family. When she is forced to leave her safe hideout in search of medicine, Masst quickly gets her scent and chases her down.

    If you love your omegaverse stuffed full of spice, this series is a perfect fit. Masst is all about taking what is his and Em is unable to fight her omega instincts. Each finds their perfect match in the other and actually they are a pretty cute match behind closed doors. The spice is heated, the read is quick and the knot is considerable!

  13. Mary

    Short, spicy, but full of love. I am really loving this series and the short stories. I can knock this out in a day and it’s a great read for in between the longer novels. I love VT’s writing style and how she gives you all the omegaverse spice plus heart. Em and Masst are probably my favorite. That ending 🥹.

  14. Alicia

    Amazing book, definitely a new favourite author of mine! Highly recommend this spicy dark romance!

  15. Meagan

    Great book, love Em and Masst! If you are looking for forced proximity, lots of spice, and little plot, this is it!

  16. lisettetrefle

    Book 2 in the Alpha Waterworld series.
    “Cruiser” Masst & Em. Waterworld theme. Em is the mother to her little orphans Tan and Boon and when they need medicine, Em doesn’t hesitate to get it. I love how she tries to save her adopted family but gets caught by the ship’s Alpha Masst. She’s fiesty and I love her spirit. The fact Masst is all protector and conqueror is thrilling. Their combustible romance is entertaining and I love this couple.

  17. Trina Jones

    OMG this book was a fast read. It was a page turner and the suspense was mind blowing . I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down not even for minutes. It was addicted. This was a spicy omega story as it was like a roller coaster ride of romance drama. Tanker was a strong Alpha and every thing was complicated. I highly recommend this book and you won’t be disappointed. I received advance copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving my honest review. Trina Jones

  18. Melissa A Felix

    I didn’t think I would like an alpha more than I had the Tanker. He had been the right amount of rough and soft. The Cruiser was even more rough around the edges, but that only made him falling and softening a bit for his omega all the sweeter. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first. It was nice to see another prospective and area of the world. While a lot of things are the same or similar, how the main characters lived differed from that of the first book. I can’t wait to read the third!

  19. tepajdawb

    Masst is in the right place at the right time to catch a glimpse of Em. And just like that, the chase is on.

    Another quick read from VT Bonds. I was wondering how she’ll make this work and different from the first book because I believe it’s the same setting. But it’s a big ship, and it works out. Hot and filthy goodness overall.

  20. Bridgett Goodin

    I love V.T. Bond’s premise behind this amazing world. I always enjoy a good paranormal series and the author has done it again with this waterworld. I like that this story doesn’t fit perfectly into what we seem to think is believable – isn’t that why we choose to read fantasy books. The story is sensual, exciting, and full of steamy scenes. The author is giving life to each charater and this wonderful new world. I’m looking forward to the next book in this installment and hoping the author dives deeper into the world and more of the side characters. Open your mind and get ready to dive deep into some unique reading. A definite must read for fantasy lovers!

  21. Deb

    Crushed by the Cruiser – Sprite

    ‘I still want to own the little omega, but I no longer want to crush her spirit. The thought of her as a broken, mindless puppet disturbs me. I want to nourish her ferocity. The need to pamper and coddle sweeps the floor out from under my feet. I freefall as her bright green eyes superimpose themselves into my innermost thoughts. I want her. Every part of her.’

    In an omegaverse where water is a commodity, VT Bonds creates an emotionally steamy setting with characters who have very specific needs. An omega with survival needs and an alpha who controls all in his sight are the two main characters.

    Bonds has a strong series of novellas that are heart crushing and physically exhausting to read, as the levels of behaviors of each of the beings we meet are twisted and turned. Extreme Omegaverse!

  22. Maxine

    Really great read and enjoyable read.
    This is the second book in the series.
    Em was a omega and she lived in a trash compactor looking after two kids that she called family.
    She went out to steal medicine for one of them cause they were sick.So she disguises herself in filth and make sure her scent can’t b picked up by the alpha.
    But she wrong some how alpha Masst who rules these parts gets her scent and chase her and take her back to his place.
    He wants to own/break/claim her but things don’t go to plan.
    This book is alpha dominated with a very feisty omega smoking 🔥🔥🔥 with really Steamy scenes and dirty talk with a hea.
    You will need either a cold drink/shower after reading this book.
    Well written short and I loved it.Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

    Recommend reading for mature/18+

  23. Cortnie

    I’m a sucker for world development and that’s usually something that gets pushed aside when it comes to shorts, but V. T. Bonds is a master at bringing her worlds alive. She also is able to bring her characters to life, build an emotional connection between the reader and the characters, and create passionate love stories with a lot of heat.

    Em is strong, loving, and willing to do whatever it takes to keep her little family safe. Masst is actually more than he seems. Maybe it’s because of the Mate Bond, or maybe it’s because in this vicious world you can’t show anything but your brutal side. Either way, he surprised me. I found their love story beautiful and brutal, but also tender.

    I’m really enjoying these quicker reads and I’m excited to meet the next couple.

  24. .

    This is fast, hot, dark, intriguing, and an omegaverse. It checked a lot of my boxes.
    Since I don’t spoil, I’ll keep this short. If you’re looking for a good read that will captivate you immediately and keep your attention till it’s done, then this one is for you.

  25. Karen

    Crushed by the Cruiser is book two in the Alphas of the Waterworld Series featuring Em and my man.. I mean Masst. This quick read series keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. I love it! This series just keeps better and I am here for it! I can’t get enough. I want more. Everything that comes out of his mouth is just everything! This story is so unique and will pull at your heartstrings. This is omegaverse at its best right here. Must read!

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