Captured and Claimed (Warrior Elite Series #9)

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Captured and Claimed (Warrior Elite Series Book 9)


“Fight all you need, tiny soft one. Don’t hold back. I’m doing enough of that for the both of us.”


Abandoned in the mountains after a brutal beating and desperate to protect her daughter from the evil scientists in charge of her experiment, Chariot stumbles through the wilderness and prays for a miracle.

She gets Thret instead, a giant alien alpha with hands of stone and a heart to match. As a Warrior Elite–a top secret Special Operations unit of super soldier aliens–and the least forgiving of his teammates, the last thing he wants is to be tied to a weak little human.

Until the woman he finds broken on the side of the road looks up at him and laughs in his face when he tries to soothe her.

She’s his omega lifemate, but she trusts him about as far as she can throw him–which she can’t, because he’s a giant rock monster.

With her daughter’s life at stake, his teammates in danger, and enemies around every corner, can he crack through her defenses and earn her trust, or will they never find their happily ever after?


Captured and Claimed (Warrior Elite Series Book 9) is a full-length, scorchin’ hot, dark sci-fi alien romance set on a far-off dystopian planet. Intended for +18 readers.

Tropes/themes include:
*Grumpy Alpha
*Rejected Mate
*Forced Proximity
*Touch Her And Die
*Strong Female Lead
*Special Monster Peen
*Extreme Size Difference
*A Morally Grey/OTT Jealous/Possessive Hero
*Nonshifter Omegaverse (nesting, knotting, marking)
*Graphic Violence (sexual and nonsexual)
*HEA (Happily Ever After)
*Mf pairing (male/female)
*No cheating


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10 reviews for Captured and Claimed (Warrior Elite Series #9)

  1. Susan

    His tiny soft one is the strongest of all

    I love the characters VT builds, each with their own quirks. The sandy dust that covers their world changes just a little in each book. The book is action pack and full of loving. While on a mission Choku and Thret find a battered woman. Thret denies what he is feeling, he doesn’t want a lifemate! But this tiny, soft, strong, omega worms her way under his plates to his heart. Chariot has endured two decades of torture by the ISC. She knows a new torture is coming and that Thret will be used by them. The are several triggers so beware. I recommend this book for all dark omegaverse lovers.

  2. DMCechak

    Mountain of Safety

    ‘My rock monster reaches deep into my soul and extracts the years of loneliness, cupping them in his giant hands and lifting them high above our heads. He worships me for my strength and resilience. And promises to be by my side from now until forever.’

    Book nine in V.T. Bonds’ Warrior Elite series has Alpha Thret finding his Omega in Chariot, who has been experimented on by the ISC for over two decades.

    In this omegaverse, pain is expected. Bonds uses every level of pain to drive readers into a frenzy of need – the need for her Alphas to earn the right to their brave omegas’ hearts. And Thret, who never wanted to bond to anyone, cannot do anything but, when Chariot’s safety is at stake.

    The terror that is created by ISC fans the flames of retribution and hate, all while allowing the softness of heart to be explored.

  3. Palmer

    This is Book 9 In the Warrior Elite Series, and this is Thret and Chariot’s story and oh boy is it a doozie.
    While on a mission, Elite Warrior Thret meets his lifemate omega, Chariot and this is when everything goes horribly wrong.
    When the ISC captures them both it’s up to Thret to keep them safe and that will be very difficult when the ISC is doing horrible experiments on them.  Thret compassion during this and the way he cared for his omega was so sweet, loving, and sexy as hades.
    Chariot on the other has gone through these experiments for decades, and she is so strong.  I’m so impatient for the day when the ISC will be brought down for good.  In other words, I hope they all suffer!
    On a brighter note, old characters continue to appear in each book, and I love that because I have read every book in this series and it was wonderful to have them back, even if it was for a little while.
    In closing, if you want to read an Omegaverse story that continues to build on each book, then look no further.  You can read this book as a standalone; however, I suggest you read each one in this fantastic series.  You will not be disappointed.
    I have voluntarily read this book, and this is my honest review.

  4. Lisa Clover

    Chariot & Thret. I love how Thret gets the theoretical wind knocked out of him when he encounters his lifemate. His antagonism to having a lifemate is gleeful. What I really like about Chariot is that she is a mom and the amount of suffering she endures to protect her child. As a mother, I empathize with Chariot’s devotion to her daughter Armista and I like that the author allows different ethnics for her females. I imagine Chariot to look like the singer, Rihanna. Bold. Strong. Beautiful with a small sense of humor.

  5. Cortnie

    Tiny soft one is my new favorite character nickname. It describes Chariot to a tee, but it doesn’t depict the iron will she hides on the inside. She’s so strong and determined to do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe. Thret is both inspired and brought to his knees by her will. Their love story, like the others in this series, had me all up in my feelings and I both read it too fast and not fast enough.

    If you love heartbreaking love stories that have a wonderful balance of pain and passion, you want your characters to be complex and well developed, you love action and danger as much as you love heat, and you want your men to be over the top Alpha men who will do anything to protect the women they love then this is the series for you.

  6. kymagirl (verified owner)

    Another one where I go back and forth between ebook and audiobook:

    Story: Chariot’s life has been nothing short of a nightmare, enduring two decades of suffering at the hands of her ruthless Enforcer. He wields control over her with an iron fist, delighting in her pain. However, her maternal instinct and unwavering love for her daughter, Armista, drive her to endure the torment, hoping for a better life for her child away from the clutches of the menacing Intergalactic Science Corps. Thret, a rock monster with a formidable presence, barges into Chariot’s life with stern demands and a menacing scowl, which Chariot fights, determined to protect herself and her daughter from further pain. While he denies the pull he feels towards her, fate seems to have other plans and as they get to know one another their connection deepens. Despite her fragile appearance, Chariot conceals an iron will within, epitomizing a mother’s unwavering determination to protect her child. Thret grapples with his feelings and the realization that Chariot is his true mate. The dark story explores the depths of love and sacrifice, and is not for the faint of heart, with intense violence and sexual situations in a harsh world. A dark and intense fated mates Omegaverse romance with plenty of heat, including heats, rutting, marking, knotting and more.

    Audio: The narrators did a really great job with this story. The audiobook uses a male narrator and a female narrator – I always appreciate when an author goes for the additional costs of having two narrators so that listeners can hear male dialogue with a male voice and female dialogue with a female voice. Tor Thom back again with his nice deep and soothing voice does a great job with the tone he brings to Thret, and other male voices, and Lacy Laurel gave Chariot a voice that seemed to embody her, as well as other female voices.

  7. CarmenB

    Sacrifice of Steel – I found this latest addition to the series to be just as engrossing as the previous books. Chariot is a victim of the ISC. She lives in an abusive relationship and takes many beatings and degradation to protect her daughter. When a visit to her daughter (who lives in a nunnery) has her returning home late, her abusive “Protector” throws her out in the rain. Thret is in the city and rescues her from a ditch. Although she begs him to take her back she has triggered his mating heat and all he wants to do is protect her. After killing her abuser they go on the run but are caught by the ISC. It’s back to torture even worse than what she has experienced but she has a secret. She made a deal to protect her child. It takes all of Thret’s resolve to save this tiny human he! has fallen for and figure a way out of the mess he has found himself in. Thank goodness for the elite Warriors’ team. The ISC is just as cruel as they have been in all of the other books and I still want to stop listening but don’t. I am strangely addicted to this series! I received an ARC of the audio in exchange for an honest review.

  8. Ridwaana

    Thret thought he never wanted a mate, much less a human. Chariot thought she would suffer for an eternity thanks to the ISC and her enforcer. They were both wrong, and it was lovely watching them figure that out. With each book I still manage to be surprised at the depravity and incredible evil of the ISC. Their cruel experiments know no bounds. I’m also blown away each book by the characters and the circumstances they’ll overcome on their journey to happiness forever. We’re nine books into this series and it’s still as engaging, fascinating, interesting, and beautiful as ever. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in this awesome series!

  9. tepajdawb

    Chariot has endured her pain in silence in order to protect her daughter. Just like the ISC to use loved ones to control the Omegas in their grasp. Chariot is living in one of their experiments, silently hiding her pain from everyone she encounters. On her latest torment, she comes across Thret. Thret is on a mission when he comes across the last person he wanted to come across, Chariot, his life mate. This is the last thing he wants but fate has other ideas and so does the ISC.

    Narration – wonderfully done again. Tor Thom works his magic and brings Thret’s ornery attitude to life. Lacy Laurel also did an awesome job bringing Chariot and her silent warrior spirit to the forefront. The audio is A+ as always, no issues that I can find with.

    Overall, another great addition to this series. I keep wondering what more this author have to give and yet she continues to surprise and amaze me with each new book. I am totally looking forward to the next one.

  10. Karen

    OH. MY. WORD.
    Excuse me for a minute while I gush all over my man. HOLY CRAP!

    Ok, I knew he was going to be good. We have seen Thret through the missions in this series but now we get to see him front and center. I loved every second of this story. I loved how different Chariot was from the other Omegas in this series. We have seen these women protect their loved ones so fiercely but now we get to see a mother protect her child from the ISC.

    This story has all the elements that my dark PNR heart could ever hope for. It is dark, angsty, heartbreaking, and gut-wrenching moments, and with so much going on the plot continues to thicken at every turn. You have to listen to this story on audiobook because wow do these characters come to life! All I can say now is… Bring me Choku’ 😈

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