Broken and Bonded (Warrior Elite Series #10)

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Broken and Bonded (Warrior Elite Series Book 10)


Warrior Elite Series Book 10


The ISC stripped everything from me. My memories. My dynamic. My hope.
I’ve built a new life for myself by becoming the best doctor in The Fleet, but the demons of my past continue to haunt me. Feeling trapped on base, I accept a mission to visit the refugee camps hidden around the world.

Except, when I climb into the transporter, I know I’ve made a terrible mistake.

The demon alpha I’ve avoided for nearly a decade stares back at me. With his powerful body, delicious scent, and glowing eyes, he triggers every warning bell I possess.


Will he conquer the demons of my past, or become my worst nightmare?


**This story is knot for the faint of heart. It is a dark, action-packed, forced proximity Omegaverse romance with serious touch-her-and-die vibes set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.**



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12 reviews for Broken and Bonded (Warrior Elite Series #10)

  1. Karon Price

    I’ve always wondered about the doctor and now we finally get her story. She’s working against the ISC as a penance of sorts to right the wrongs of her past. I loved 98% of this story, but I feel as if the last few chapters were rushed as we had a time jump and the ending was very open as to what will happen next. Akilah and Choku were so good together. She had to constantly present this professional cold facade and he saw her, the her behind the mask. All the little things he did to make her know he cared made me swoon, and this was even before he realized she was his lifemate. The end of this book hinted at more to come although this is the end of the series according to the author. Maybe there will be new stories, but we could revisit our old friends, hint, hint.

  2. CarmenB

    Wow! I have to be honest, I didn’t really like Akilah throughout most of the book. I thought she was a whiny, self-absorbed female hosting her own pity party. When her whole backstory came out I still didn’t like her. But Choku was insistent on the two (or 4) of them being life-mates and I knew it would work out in the end. She did redeem herself and I hate for the series to end. Hopefully, the author will do a novella or something with all of the new kids in the future. The series is definitely not for the faint of heart. There are some scenes where I had to fan myself! I received a review copy of the audio. I do enjoy dual narrators as well as a narrator who can make it perfectly clear that there are different characters speaking. I felt like a good job was done on the entire series.

  3. Trina Jones

    Absolutely fantastic book. It was a page turner and this author out did herself again with another good book. I was in the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put this book down. This was an action packed of drama and romance but powerful love affair between Akilah and Choku was such a great couple together. Akilah was had a** chick and she had do anything just to survive. She realized that Choku was a her mate for life. I highly recommend this book and you won’t be disappointed. I received a free copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving a honest review. Trina Jones

  4. Alisria

    This was a fantastic story between Choku and Akilah (Dr. Icarr). It has all the action, suspense, secrets and tension packed throughout the story. Most definitely a page turner.

  5. lisettetrefle

    Director Akilah Icarr & Choku, Reepur Alpha with Commander Ru’un. Doc gets her own story and it is poetic, truth bombs and plot twist when secrets are revealed with our favorite Fleet doctor and our beloved Warrior Elite Reepur Alpha Choku. Knowing he wasn’t fully himself in Thret’s story we get the full story as to why Choku isn’t at full power. Then if you want the bonus of 5 years later you can read that for free on author website. It is worth it. Beautiful ending.

  6. kymagirl

    Story: Akilah, a doctor haunted by her past, seeking solace in her role within The Fleet, embarks on a mission that throws her face-to-face with a powerful demon alpha, reigniting buried emotions and sparking an intense connection. Akilah’s selflessness as a doctor and Choku’s mysterious aura make them a compelling pair, as they find themselves, face their flaws, and ultimately become a formidable force. The chemistry and tension between them is undeniable, diving into dark and dirty romance territory, as they journey towards redemption and love with lots of suspense, danger, and heartbreak. There are plenty of the darker aspects of the Omegaverse genre, portraying unflinching and intense scenes, making it both exciting and emotionally charged. The supporting characters, including Commander Ru’un, add depth to the narrative, and the story’s exploration of trauma and healing is both poignant and powerful. The dark story explores the depths of redemption, love, and survival, and is not for the faint of heart, with intense violence and sexual situations in a harsh world. A dark and intense fated mates Omegaverse romance with plenty of heat, action, tension, secrets, and redemption. A fitting conclusion to the Warrior Elite series – it’s been a rough and dark series that sometimes I had to take a step back from, but definitely an amazing journey with all the couples.

    Audio: The narrators did a really great job with this story. The audiobook uses a male narrator and a female narrator – I always appreciate when an author goes for the additional costs of having two narrators so that listeners can hear male dialogue with a male voice and female dialogue with a female voice. Tor Thom has an amazingly deep voice brings Choku to life, and other male voices, and Meg Sylvan gave Akilah a voice that seemed to embody her, as well as other female voices.

  7. Deborah Palmer

    This is Choku and Akilah (Dr. Icarr) story and Oh My …. what a doozie. So many questions, is the ISC finally coming down, can Choku help his broken beta become what she was really meant to be; and will Choku forgive her when all her horrible secrets are revealed? This book will reveal it all and leave you only wanting more. The sad part is this is the conclusion to this fantastic omegaverse series, and I will truly miss all of these wonderful characters.

    In closing, you can read this book as a standalone; however, I highly recommend you read books 1 – 9 of the Warrior Elite Series so you can come to love each of these characters as much as I do.

  8. DMCechak

    Broken and Bonded – Book & Audio

    “I need you. I’m not a humble alpha, but I’ll admit to my weakness for you. I can’t live without you, Akilah, and not just because my powers may fade if we separate.” He skims his nose over my ear and down my throat. “I need you. I need you. You’ve already tried to get rid of me, but I’ve proven it won’t work. You’re stuck with me. We’re in this together.”

    After reading and listening to V.T. Bonds last story in her Warrior Elite series, I am thrilled to share that it is an amazing way to complete a ten book series.

    Broken and Bonded takes every component of this fabulous series and ratchets it up for Akilah and Choku’s HEA. But it takes everything the’ve got to get there!

    Creative and cruel, agonizing and eager, the fierce and wild adventure these two have will break your heart before their passion for each other, and their world, will help mend it.

    Bonus Audio Review: Tor Thom and Meg Sylvan do a 5 star narration of the characters in this exciting and emotional story. There is an energy that matches the storyline, so you are truly living Broken and Bonded!

  9. tepajdawb

    Dr. Akilah Icarr has been an interesting side character throughout this series. She’s a no-nonsense, get it done, but at the same time, empathetic doctor to all the Omegas she has encountered and treated. So, finding out her role in this last book in this series just blows my mind.

    Choku, one of the many Warrior Elites, is the last member in his team to have yet found his life mate. We know he has some abilities being a mysterious Reaper and all, and that he hasn’t fully recovered from the last incident with the ISC’s prototype used against Alphas. But for some reason, being close to Dr. Icarr seems to center him and his abilities.

    Narrators: wonderful job by both Meg Sylvan and Tor Thom. I love that this book (and series) offers both a female and male narrators as it gives so much more life and vitality to the characters. Meg really gave life to Akilah’s inner battle and self-loathing. And Tor does a wonderful job bringing Choku’s duo natural and protectiveness to another level. Clear professional audio, no issues at all.

    Overall, I’m so sad to see this series end, but I am so happy to know how it all ends. I’m glad the ISC is finally brought down, but it’ll still take the Warrior Elites and the whole coalition time to root all the secret facilities out. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and the entire series.

  10. Rachel

    This book will definitely keep your attention. It feels like we’re surrounded by secrets and mysteries all throughout. As the book progresses, slowly they are revealed.
    There was action and suspense, spice and more!
    I loved Choku’s possessive and protectiveness towards Akiliah.
    Akiliah has an inner strength and courage and her desire to help others.
    The connection between them is undeniable and the steam was so good!

    I absolutely loved Choku and Akiliah’s story. The author did a great job bringing it all together.

  11. Cortnie

    Choku and Dr. Icarr are the conclusion this series needed. Their story is filled with danger, heartbreak, tenderness, and justice. I’m not saying more because I don’t want to give anything away. Just know that it’s not an easy story, but it’s worth it. My heart was racing, my blood was pumping, and a few tears were shed. It’s perfect.

  12. Amy

    There was absolutely nothing I disliked about this audiobook. I was pleased to see that Dr Icarr wasn’t so harsh and just horrible . Despite the fact that she tortured numerous alphas and omegas with her scientific methods , she was just as broken. The ISC broke her in every way and used her to fit their needs . Then to meet up with a demon alpha who was so forgiving. This story was amazing despite everything both characters went through , it just made the stronger. They both got their hea . The narrators who lent their voices to these amazing characters did a wonderful job bring them to life.

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