V.T. Bonds Beta Team

Join my Beta Reader group and I’ll lead you to the dark pit of my soul. 

What does it mean to be my Beta Reader? 

  • I send you snippets and stories before anyone else gets them. 
  • You critique. You search for plot holes. You ask questions. You help me flush out my storylines so no one else sees how much work goes into creating a good book. 
  • I take all of your critiques to heart. It’s just me on this journey, so all input is considered. You are my closest friend. Don’t let go of my hand. 

I promise to never send you manuscripts terribly full of typos or hot garbage. I value your time and would never waste it.  

I need your company more than I can say. 

Beta Team Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2617483451816571